Startup Profiles

Telehealth and online pharmacies are leading the growth in the healthcare industry, says Doctor Anywhere’s Lim Wai Mun [Q&A]

In this interview with Lim Wai Mun, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Doctor Anywhere, we learn how digital solutions are changing the habits of Southeast Asians when it comes to health. Whereas previously we only sought medical attention when we encounter major health issues, the availability of digital solutions has become an empowering tool for us…

Snaphunt envisions a future with a global talent pool, fully-automated recruitment [Q&A with Tulika Tripathi]

Wherever possible, more people are now looking for technology to help them with outcomes as compared to before the pandemic. As a result, we’re seeing international barriers to talent break down, whether for remote work, to globalize, or open new sales channels. Companies will continue to employ a more international workforce than they did before.

How Carsome became Malaysia’s largest tech unicorn – with a little help from a friend

Gobi Partners’ continued faith and multiple investments into Carsome paved the way for the e-commerce platform to dominate Southeast Asia’s used car scene, en route to becoming Malaysia’s first and largest unicorn.

Tale of the (used car) tape: Putting Carsome and Carro head-to-head

Carsome vs Carro: Who wins Southeast Asia’s used car fight?

The future of decentralized finance is in ease of user experience, says Flurry Finance CEO Mike Ting [Q&A]

"Challenges in DeFi can be addressed through the following: helping users in understanding the product, ensuring an enhanced user experience, and improving transparency in DeFi solutions."

Warung Pintar

Digital transformation has accelerated the warung ecosystem in Indonesia, says Warung Pintar’s Agung Bezharie Hadinegoro [Q&A]

Agung discusses how the pandemic accelerated digital transformation in Indonesia, and how MSMEs–or warungs in particular–are able to benefit with the aim to “accelerate Indonesia’s growth in the midst of a post-pandemic economic boom by empowering micro-retail businesses.”

Val Yap, Founder & CEO, PolicyPal

InsurTech startup PolicyPal addresses pain points faced by policyholders [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

PolicyPal Founder and CEO Val Yap shares her story of how personal challenges led her to start a company that digitalizes insurance comparison and management. She also offers advice to fellow female entrepreneurs on the importance of mentorship and finding the right support groups.

YouTrip adopts hyper-localized strategies to differentiate from other multi-currency providers [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

In a TechNode Global Q&A, Chu shared the story behind why she started YouTrip and the challenges she and her team met when they grow the company. She also shared her views on how to encourage more women to become entrepreneurs and some advice for them, based on her personal experience as a female founder.

How HKSTP supports the startup and corporate innovation ecosystem through partnerships and acceleration [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

The ecosystem has been vibrant and developing quite rapidly these years. One of the key challenges would be sourcing suitable innovation solutions and startups which match with the corporate procurement requirements as well as features that are specific to corporates’ different jurisdictions in order to proceed with PoC and ultimately technology adoption.

Kevin Hoong and Michelle Chin, Co-Founders of Oyen

The rise of pet-focused e-commerce is a sign of maturing market, says Oyen’s Kevin Hoong amid pet InsurTech’s $420K Seed raise

We are extremely focused on accelerating our growth of pet owner acquisition in Malaysia and constantly experimenting with new growth channels to scale our business. Within the coming months, we hope to also further develop our proprietary technology which will allow us to distribute our product and manage our claims services smartly and at scale. To…