Community Interview

VinFast: A role model of building sustainable supply chain in Vietnam [Q&A]

"VinFast has once committed to cease selling internal combustion engine vehicles before 2035, and we are proud to announce that we have achieved this significant milestone much earlier than anticipated," said Madame Le Thi Thu Thuy, Global CEO of VinFast, during the panel discussion on "Sustainable Supply Chain Resilience: Navigating Global Disruption" at…

Building Southeast Asia’s EV motorbike ecosystem, an interview with ION Mobility’s James Chan [Podcast Q&A]

"With the EV transition, we’re not just going to benefit from significant efficiency gains in converting stored electrical energy into mobility. We’re also going to make that evolutionary leap from being analog devices to completely digital and always-connected personalized devices, just like the ubiquitous smartphone."

Passive crypto income strategies: How to earn up to 20% APY [Podcast]

There are many opportunities for passive crypto earning in 2022 and beyond. Holding digital assets and generating passive income out of them creates additional revenue streams.

Building a world where the next 1,000 Pokemon GOs are built [Podcast Q&A]

Our “why” at SuperWorld is how do we build a better world? How do we leverage technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence? How do we bring all these technologies together to actually improve the world and enhance humanity? Those are the kinds of questions that propel us forward.

All G Foods and the future of alternative meats and milk [Podcast Q&A]

Jan Pacas is the Founder and CEO of All G, a FoodTech company playing in the alternative protein and biotech space. His career spans globally and includes scaling a $1 billion multinational business, being a CEO of a successful multichannel Australian business, and co-founding two successful startups. Jan strongly believes that focusing simultaneously on…

From Wall Street to celebrity chef: How Judy Joo is spreading Korean flavors around the world [Podcast Q&A]

The biggest challenge in opening Korean restaurants overseas is educating people on the cultural differences within Asia and explaining that each country is different with its unique culture and culinary traditions and flavors. All of Asia should not be grouped together on one plate--each country and its cuisine should be celebrated as its own.

Legendary Ventures’ Jayson Kim on investing in SpaceX, transformative tech, and corporate innovation [Podcast Q&A]

There have been lots of winners and losers from the pandemic. Initially, service sectors such as retail, real estate, hospitality, and travel took the initial blows. But I think it’s interesting the hardest hit industries are now at the forefront of innovation given they were facing existential events.

VeChain’s Sunny Lu on the future of blockchain in the real world [Podcast Q&A]

"Although there is still heavy focus on regulations and compliance in the blockchain industry, what VeChain is really concerned about is the evolving marketplace in need of maturity. For the majority of enterprise users of public blockchain, they need more upstream and downstream players to build a larger collaborative ecosystem. VeChain aims to play this…

Luni Libes of Africa Eats on impact investing and building out services to fill in business infrastructure gaps in food & agri [Podcast Q&A]

Africa Eats is a novel investment holding company that takes 27 graduates from the Fledge accelerator and which answers the question of "how do you build out the food/ag supply chain across Africa to end hunger and poverty?" The answer is a mashup of venture capital, business accelerator, and Berkshire Hathaway.