ORIGIN Conference: Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Investment and M&A in Southeast Asia

The ORIGIN Conference highlighted investing as well as mergers and acquisitions in the Southeast Asian scene from the perspective of business leaders from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia through the panel, "Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Investment and M&A in Southeast Asia."

ORIGIN Conference: Advanced & Affordable Healthcare thru Technology

The discussion started with a light conversation over the use of modern tools like ChatGPT in healthcare. It proceeded to highlight why healthcare is a leading priority for investors in Southeast Asia. Additionally, the panel pointed out the challenges and opportunities as well as the potential for innovative technologies.

ORIGIN Conference: Capturing Southeast Asia’s Emerging Generation

The panel explores the importance of understanding and engaging with the younger generation’s value in the modern economy, the challenges businesses face in attracting the younger generation, and the impact of sustainability and environmental concerns. It also discusses the shift in customer behaviors and the emergence of omni-channel approaches in retail…

ORIGIN Conference: How is AI shaping Southeast Asia’s Next Gen?

The discussion explored the unique strengths of Southeast Asia when it comes to AI solutions, government policies proposed to strengthen the AI ecosystem, and the industries that are most suitable for AI adoption. The panel also tackled the challenges associated with artificial intelligence as well as the need for AI education and skills development. Of…

Low-latency live streaming is key to capturing online audiences

Going live has never been easier but the technology that goes into realizing this feature is anything but that. As demand and consumption for live content continue to skyrocket, live streaming is table stakes for any platform looking to establish a following and the solution that can offer the broadest range of low latency streaming capabilities will…

Here’s why free-to-play can attract millions of new players into the Web3 gaming ecosystem [Podcast]

For the “play-to-earn” title to avoid becoming a misnomer, steps must be taken to reduce high entry costs, or even better, have no capital requirements at all. 

More than digital transformation, consistent digital mastery is key to business resilience

Digital transformation may have once merely been a means to survive. But now, more than ever, it has become a must – and not just an option – for businesses to stay ahead in this new future.

Sustainable development in Asia Pacific – innovating for energy efficiency [Event highlights]

The panel discussion hopes to take a closer look at the role of innovative energy efficiency solutions in achieving carbon reduction goals. It also hopes to dive deeper to understand the current market trends, opportunities, barriers to deployment, and what can be done to drive adoption and meet various sustainable development goals.

Startup valuation: From zero to $100M in 18 months [Tech Insights Recap]

In our recent Brown Bag Workshop Session, we learned from Kenny Au and the executive team at Elevate Ventures how startups can leverage opportunities and resources toward increasing their valuation without necessarily tapping into external funding. This includes building use cases toward establishing strategic partnerships that can improve the optics of…