Investor Relation

We are at the center of the ecosystem where our expertise connects the dots. With our strong networks, we have been advising Startups with their fundraising processes and connecting them with our pool of investors. Investors today are much more knowledgeable and cautious where they put their money, owing to the abundance of startups out there. We filter through startups that have proven their concept and are ready to scale up before connecting them with our trusted investors throughout Asia.

Carefully curated closed-door demo days and business matchings provide a more conducive approach and our various platforms create the right opportunities for these 2 parties to engage effectively. We keep our investors abreast of the latest trends around Southeast Asia with our bi-weekly specially crafted newsletter, featuring Startups that are doing well in their area. If you’ve not signed up for our newsletter, do yourself a favor and subscribe here.


For growing startups looking to raise at least Series A. We screen and provide consultancy and connections to our network of investors in Asia. Find out how we can help you with your fundraising plans.

*For fundraising in China for the Chinese market, we provide consultancy and advisory services.

Merger &

For growth-stage startups that are looking for strategic investments or secondary sales, we know it’s tricky and challenging to raise large sums or find a potential strategic partner/investor/acquirer that can value add to your vision. With our network in China, we hope to open up more doors and make meaningful introductions.


We put out good content and events but it wouldn’t be that without our amazing network of investors. Apart from deal sourcing, we actively partner VCs at our events as speakers, competition judges or even co-author reports and producing media features. Check out our upcoming events here and get in touch should you be interested or reach out to us if you have an interesting story to share.

Corporate Innovation

Having worked with numerous renowned Multinational Corporations in their journey of innovation, we have understood that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Every business has different needs and priorities, requiring a tailored approach. We work side by side with our clients to chart their innovation journey. 

An innovation journey when done right is fulfilling but it’s a process not familiar to many, especially in businesses that lack the right drivers. Innovation is a necessity in today’s rapidly-changing landscape. With our years of expertise building and working closely with key players within our robust tech community and ecosystem, we have identified these key pillars of strategies.

Industry Innovation Insights

Focused on providing value-added services, we equipped our clients with the latest innovative best practices with first-hand insights and consultation to supercharging your strategic innovation initiatives. Drawing experiences from one of the most technologically advanced country, we’re able to distill the lesson learned and provide you with the best practices.

Accelerated Intrapreneurship

We are the Innovation Booster; We plan, execute and enable your internal innovation resources to drive your goals. We have assisted renowned corporations, such as CITIC, to spark creativity and drive motivation internally. To allow corporations to be more resource-efficient, we also build and run industry accelerator programs.

Diversification as a Driver

We leverage on our international cross-industry expertise and aggregation of technology trends to transform these diversified inspirations into innovation excellence. Build on tested and proven strategies and localize it to your market. Get to know Asia's ecosystem and learn from the best, including meeting leading startups from various industries of interest with live engagements through the region.

Optimized Deal Sourcing

As an entrepreneur ecosystem gateway, we provide precise scouting services for our corporate partners which includes Explorium, Merck, Unilever and NTUC Income based on their unique needs. Integrating our O2O events strategically, we have a record of successful link-ups between start-ups and corporates. Topped with our trusted network of KOLs (Think Tank) in the tech industry, we continue to build on our community by bridging key leaders from corporates into the growing scene.

Scoring Innovative Strategies

Beyond consultation, we work closely with you to implement and actualize your innovation plan. From ideation to execution, we adopt a lean model to create and leverage synergies as we follow through each project from end-to-end. Take a closer look at BMW innovation day where we collaborated strategically on the event planning.

Reinforce imPRession

Customize public relations strategy, Strengthen corporate image.

Sharing the right message with your audiences is important to multiply the efforts. Find out how we can help curate a PR plan to complement your innovation efforts.

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