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ORIGIN Innovation Awards is APAC’s esteemed accolade for tech innovation which aims to provide recognition to companies that have exemplified the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the running of their businesses.

This year, at TNGlobal, we are dedicated to cultivating a platform that amplifies voices and shapes a future characterized by enhanced sustainability, well-being, and economic growth. In line with this commitment, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the 4th edition of the ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2023, which honors esteemed tech innovators in Asia. We are championing the idea of sustainability and economic growth to another level. Our theme draws inspiration from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are 3 main categories including Startup of The Year, Corporate Vanguard Award, and Outstanding Ecosystem Champion.

3 Award Categories
9 Award Titles
53 Distinguished Awardees

Award Categories & Criteria

The “Startup of The Year” category aims to honor and acknowledge fledgling enterprises that are actively creating and implementing sustainable disruptive or innovative solutions aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These accomplishments should result in substantial beneficial effects on both society and the business landscape.

If you believe that your startup or business merits any of these prestigious designations and can provide commercial evidence to support your claim, we encourage you to promptly submit your nomination.

Judging Criteria:

Value created by product or service
Attractiveness of the market opportunity
Viability of business model
Capability of the management team
Growth potential
Technology breakthrough
Sustainability element/ which UN SDGs does it fit under

An award to celebrate and honor the remarkable achievements of women in the business world.

This award acknowledges startups that are creating products, processes, or services that contribute to substantial environmental advancements.

A well-deserved recognition to new, up-and-coming startups that emerge victorious in 2023, whilst supporting the agenda for sustainable economy and inclusive society.

This award highlights the startup's remarkable achievements in leveraging AI technologies to solve complex problems, disrupt industries, and create meaningful value.

This award recognizes the startup team that has shown an exceptional understanding of exploring opportunities, identifying challenges, and devising effective solutions for operating their business across diverse markets in Asia.

Corporate Innovation seeks to honor the achievements of established companies and industry leaders who have integrated exceptional sustainable methods into their business models and operations by implementing innovative practices and technologies.

We invite corporations to nominate themselves for the esteemed award mentioned below.

Judging Criteria:

Business impact and value created by the corporate innovation project
Measurable sustainable outputs and impacts that are in line with the UN SDGs
The technologies underpinning the corporate innovation

An accolade to recognize Multinational Corporation or domestic business leaders on their exemplary efforts to incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance(ESG) practice in their businesses in line with the UNSDG.

The Outstanding Ecosystem Champion Awards (TNGlobal Editorial Picks) honors the organizations and individuals that have enabled, impacted, and supported the growth and development of the entrepreneurial landscape and created growth for the ecosystem.

Judging Criteria:

Exemplify a strong track record and commitment in capital support, mentorship and community building
Leading recognized initiatives that bring about positive impact to their community
Strong relationships with the key ecosystem stakeholders

This award is handpicked by TNGlobal team, the award seeks to honor the different players from individuals to institutions that have made an impact and contributed to the startup and entrepreneurship community.

Through a careful selection process by TNGlobal team, this meticulously chosen award aims to recognize a diverse range of contributors, spanning from individuals to institutions, all of whom have left a significant imprint and played a role in nurturing the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

This accolade is thoughtfully curated by our TNGlobal team, a collective comprising visionary investors encompassing venture capital and corporate ventures. These investors actively invest in the prospects of humanity's future, integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into their investment frameworks. Additionally, these are the very investors who dare to take calculated risks by investing in nascent, early-stage concepts.

What Benefits Do The Winners Get?

Bragging Rights

Be recognized and awarded for the positive contributions and impact you and your company have provided. Achieving the right recognition may change your life. It opens doors and opportunities. Our panel of Advisors is made up of professional and renowned regional investors and organizations that not only evaluate, but can potentially become your strategic or financial partner.

Media Publicity

Media publicity and features are guaranteed for the finalists and winners. While you help do good to humanity, let us help share that with the world. Doing good needs to be promoted. By doing so, we hope to inspire more. For the winners, TNGlobal will award 5 free featured interviews/press releases* worth U$15,000.

*To be fulfilled within 1 year from the official winner announcement.

Exclusive Access

Winners will be automatically welcomed into the TNGlobal family. Enjoy exclusive invites to speaking opportunities or complimentary tickets to the BEYOND Expo – Asia’s leading annual expo showcasing the latest technologies and trends on all industries.

*To be fulfilled within 6 months from the official winner announcement

Awards Timeline

General Eligibility & FAQs

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General Qualifying Criteria for Startup of the Year Awards Category:
– The nominee must be based or operating in ASIA.
– The nominee should have a commercialized product or have existing pilot projects with commercial partners.

General Qualifying Criteria for Corporate Vanguard Award Category:
– The nominee should have a physical office presence in ASIA.
– For this award, the nominee should showcase existing campaign and/or initiatives that are currently in place and is quantifiable with the relevant UN SDGs.
– The project has to be a long-term commitment with participation from at least 1 department of the organization and has a two years implementation plan.

General Qualifying Criteria for Outstanding Ecosystem Champion Awards Category:
– The company should be based in ASIA
– The company has to showcase their engagement or active contribution to the ASIA ecosystem communities either through certain initiatives, campaigns, or investments into the ecosystem.

  • The nomination submission period: Oct 1, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023.
  • Nominations must meet all criteria stipulated in the guideline, otherwise, the organizer retains the rights to disqualify the entry.
  • Nomination is free. No fees applied.
  • Self-nominations are welcome for all awards categories. Please indicate self-submission in the nomination form.
  • You can nominate your company for as many Award titles as you deem applicable but please choose the one that you resonate with the most.
  • Your company/project or yourself will only be entitled to 1 Award title win.
  • You are highly encouraged to attach your company/project deck in the nomination form. This allows the entry to be assessed fairly.
  • Public nominations are welcome for all the Startup of the Year and Corporate Innovation Champions. Please indicate that you are nominating someone else in the nomination form.
  • There is no limit to the number of unique companies you can nominate.
  • The Advisory Committee review will take place from Jan. 1, 2023 - Jan. 22, 2023.
  • All entries will be vetted by TNGlobal to ensure all criteria are met.
  • All entries will be evaluated and scored by a curated Advisory Committee, based on the information submitted online in accordance with the judging criteria. There will be no virtual or in-person pitching.
  • The decision of TN Global is final.

Winners will enjoy the following perks and benefits:

– Marketing and publicity package by TNGlobal and our media partners worth more than U$15,000.
– Automatically enrolment into TNGlobal’s family with special invitation to speaking opportunities, closed-door pitching sessions, networking events with venture capitalists and business partners.
– Perks offered by our Strategic Partners including discounts, credits, and many more benefits. Check out Strategic Partner segment below to find out more.


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