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4 Key trends reshaping the future of work culture

Business leaders are always looking into their crystal balls to predict the next big trend as office workers continue to adjust to newer ways of working, following the rise of hybrid models. It’s not enough to just have an opinion on what the future will look like. Thus, we conducted a comprehensive analysis to identify key macro trends influencing the…

Four top investment themes for growth & income opportunities in Asia according to HSBC

“We see promising secular growth opportunities in India and ASEAN, riding on the structural tailwinds from strong foreign and domestic private investments, young demographics, the technology boom, and green transformation," James Cheo, Chief Investment Officer, Southeast Asia and India, Global Private Banking and Wealth, HSBC said.

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Connected commerce: Bridging the gap between online and offline retail

Considering Indonesia's geographical conditions and limited internet access, traditional offline sales channels still dominate the #retail landscape. Connected commerce offers #SMEs a new alternative to expand exposure, boost awareness, gain market access, and distribute goods. #ConnectedCommerce allows a brand to accommodate diverse consumers within…

The trifecta effect: Fostering consequential conversations at the intersection of policy, technology, and finance

To drive the global fintech industry in the #Web3 era, there is a pressing need to foster a more timely and synergistic dialogue between policymakers, technologists, and financial service experts — three industry stakeholders that have historically operated in siloes. For instance, in Southeast Asia, less than half of industry leaders believe regulators…

The leading role of embedded finance in the Philippines’ renewed digitalization thrust

With the powerful growth of widespread digitalization in the #Philippines, #embeddedfinance promises to get integrated into the national digital economy so deeply that it may become a benchmark for the global #fintech industry. And ultimately, the consumer wins.

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Antitrust approval could be biggest hurdle for Grab’s potential acquisition of Foodpanda’s business, analysts say

Momentum Works, a venture outfit, estimated Foodpanda's Southeast Asia GMV at $3.1 billion in 2022. According to the same report, Foodpanda ranked second by market share in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, and third in Thailand in 2022.

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Optimizing online checkout: Bridging the gap between gaining customers and losing them

While your #checkout process is not the sole factor for customer conversion, it is often an underestimated aspect of sales success. Checkout optimization is certainly not a one-time-only exercise, it requires frequent refinement and testing. But with a myriad of tools available to merchants, building a frictionless checkout experience has become so much…

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Revolutionizing the Philippines’ food industry: Unleashing innovation and technology

Amidst challenges, technology emerges as a beacon of hope. Inaccessible infrastructure and logistics impede the seamless movement of food from farms to tables. While arable land is abundant, productivity lags behind due to a lack of technological access and innovation. Part of the solution lies in democratizing technology, making it accessible and…

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Insignia AI Notes #9: Enabling the autonomous AI agent workflow with AgentOps

The advent of Autonomous AI Agents is opening doors to countless opportunities, but it’s the underlying infrastructure and subsectors like #AgentOps that are laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and innovation. By understanding how these autonomous agents operate, and by dissecting the emerging subsectors, businesses and developers can better…

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Insignia AI Notes #7: AI In healthcare

The transformation of #healthcare through #AI and #ML is both profound and multifaceted. From predictive analytics to drug discovery, AI is enhancing diagnostics, enabling personalized medicine, and transforming patient care. While challenges such as regulation, data privacy, and ethical concerns remain, the collaboration between professionals across fields…