What’s needed to change the course of Web3 games?

Graphics are improving, communities are growing, lore is becoming more expansive, and players are earning as they play, although that’s not why they’re playing. Players are here because they want to be here. After all, web3 game studios are now getting things right. 

Animoca Brands, EVG strengthen strategic partnership with cross-investment

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited (Animoca Brands), a Hong Kong-based Web3 firm, announced Monday a strategic partnership with Web3 venture builder Everest Ventures Group (EVG) that includes cross-investments in each other’s projects.

3 hottest trends impacting FinTech trading in 2024

These trends, catalyzed by advancements in #AI, and continued growth of #DeFi services signal a fundamental shift in market accessibility and global liquidity. #Blockchain startups that focus on #RWA bridge the gap between traditional finance and opportunities with blockchain-powered markets.

Understanding the impact of blockchain technology on sports gaming

As #blockchain technology matures and becomes simpler to use, we can expect its adoption in sports #gaming to accelerate. More platforms and industries will embrace the use of #NFTs, #SmartContracts, and decentralized systems to enhance user experiences and create new revenue models.

RWAs for social change: Digitizing assets and services

The promise of RWAs for #SocialGood is not just an incremental improvement. By reimagining asset ownership, streamlining transactions, enhancing transparency, and fostering community-driven development, this technology can usher in a world that empowers everyone to have access to essential resources. The next challenges to overcome will involve technical…

MyAnimeList, Animoca Brands Japan, San FranTokyo to be launch partners of Anime Foundation

Animoca Brands, Animoca Brands Japan, San FranTokyo, and MyAnimeList announced Tuesday that they are launch partners of Anime Foundation, a community-owned cultural protocol for anime and manga spanning both Web2 and Web3.

How DePINs solve modern connectivity challenges of smart cities

#DePINs can have a significant impact whether in underserved communities, emerging markets, and highly-saturated environments. Their decentralized nature makes these networks well-suited to reach areas where traditional infrastructures may be limited and also ensure sustainable connectivity in those areas that are experiencing significant growth in #IoT use…

Singapore’s Chainstack secures strategic investment to accelerate Web3 infrastructure development

Chainstack, Singapore-based Web3 infrastructure providers, has successfully secured a strategic investment from SBI Ven Capital, Sygnum, Azimut Group, Unicorn Factory Ventures, and Ventech Ventures.

Unlocking digital side hustles: 3 Tech-driven ways to earn online income

With #Web3, decentralization, and #AI, digital solutions are not only reshaping the concept of the #FutureOfWork, but these are also making income opportunities more accessible to users, while also providing significant benefits to technology users on both individual and institutional levels.

Streamlining payments: Using your social media profile to get paid

The integration of social usernames as payment aliases addresses the fragmented nature of #DigitalPayments, but it goes beyond simple convenience. The integration of #Web3 technology also involves smarter payment routing, which enhances the financial landscape by ensuring a more efficient and secure processing of payments.