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How IoT and AI innovations are revolutionizing the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry has been embracing #AI and #IoT over the past several years. AI can support more personalized and efficient guest experiences, but it’s important to be mindful of the ethical implications. The IoT has been particularly effective in ensuring food safety and giving guests more control over hotel room environments. In addition, tools…

Great entrepreneurs are the ones that make a huge difference to mankind, says Aerodyne Group’s Kamarul A Muhamed [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

"We aspire to build a drone economy where mundane tasks and boring jobs will be removed, so that humans can focus more on meaningful jobs that would leverage on creativity and innovation."

IoT made simple: 3 big IoT questions answered

IoT bears the potential to improve our lives and make the world a safer place. But what stands behind this technology? Here, I’ll lead you through IoT, how it works, what benefits it offers, and the challenges you need to bear in mind.

Nabcore’s interlocking smart solutions enable brands to authenticate products, optimize supply chain, and engage customers

The best brand protection solution is not the most advanced or proprietary technology. It is the right solution that is interlocking, changes with time, and addresses the issues most effectively for each particular product, says Nabcore's Director of Business Development, GK Ng.

Overdrive IOT enables better business decisions through actionable data and insights [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

In this TechNode Global Q&A with Zen Chin, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Overdrive, we learn how IoT adoption in the enterprise also comes with cultural and mindset challenges.

ORIGIN: How IoT and data are changing the way we work and make business decisions [UPDATED]

The benefits from IoT extend beyond logistics. In this feature on ORIGIN Innovation Awards winners, we learn how IoT can greatly benefit operations, value-chain strategy, green initiatives, security, and even the movement of people.

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Energy automation startup gets funding for global expansion

Singapore’s SensorFlow is ready to break out of Southeast Asia.