Singapore’s Transparently.AI secures investment from Franklin Templeton

Transparently.AI, a Singapore-based maker of artificial intelligence software that detects accounting fraud, has secured an investment from Franklin Templeton as part of its admission to the asset manager’s FinTech Incubator program.

Singapore to invest over $743M in AI over the next five years – Budget 2024

"To support this strategy and further catalyse AI activities, I will invest more than $1 billion over the next five years into AI compute, talent, and industry development," Wong, who is also the Minister for Finance, said as he delivered Singapore’s FY2024 Budget Statement.

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Excelling in the AI era: Navigating imperatives of experiences, sustainability, and operations in retail

When integrated thoughtfully into the overall #shopping experience, technology becomes a catalyst for meeting consumer expectations of convenience and flexibility. In this era dominated by #AI, brands and retailers must navigate three key imperatives—revolving around experiences, #sustainability, and operations—to outpace competitors in the face of rapid…

Australia’s DoxAI collaborates with Perpetual Corporate Trust, Microsoft to enhance financial services

Global software giant Microsoft has joined forces with DoxAI, a venture of Australia’s Lakeba Group, and Perpetual Limited to provide financial services companies with access to cutting-edge technology that can help them grow and evolve.

Indian startup Sarvam AI collaborates with Microsoft to bring its Indic voice large language model to Azure

Indian generative artificial intelligence (AI) startup Sarvam AI has announced that it is working with Microsoft to make its Indic voice large language model (LLM) available on Azure. The collaboration reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to enabling AI-driven growth and innovation in India.

KPMG : Singapore’s AI funding soars 77 pct to $481.21M in 2023 across 24 deals

Singapore's fintech sector has witnessed an extraordinary surge in funding for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, despite a global downturn in fintech investments, KPMG said Tuesday. The AI fintech funding in Singapore skyrocketed to an impressive $333.13 million in the second half of 2023, marking a significant 77 percent increase from the $148.08…

Singtel collaborates with NVIDIA to bring AI to Singapore and Southeast Asia

Singapore Telecommunications Limited, commonly known as Singtel, has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network Cloud Program and will bring NVIDIA’s full-stack artificial intelligence (AI) platform to enterprises across the region.

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The evolving landscape of AI: How observability is shaping the future of LLMs

#AI has undoubtedly been one of the biggest focus areas in the tech industry in 2023. Throughout the year, we’ve seen AI evolve and iterate to adapt to a rapidly changing–and at times turbulent–digital landscape, with many companies being left behind and others excelling as a result. This adaptability will continue into 2024, but with observability playing…

Deloitte: Asia Pacific’s financial services sector faces risks of generative AI

Financial firms are now facing new and exacerbated risks such as bias, governance, accountability and data protection across the artificial intelligence (AI) lifecycle, as well as regulatory risk and strategic risk, said Deloitte on Wednesday.

Singtel advances AI development in Singapore and the region with strategic partners

Singapore Telecommunications Limited, commonly known as Singtel, has on Wednesday debuted its initiative to advance artificial intelligence (AI) development in Singapore and the region, tying up with global and local ecosystem partners across AI, renewable energy, sustainable technologies and talent development.