SaaS startup Founders & CEOs: How to hire the right Marketing Director

The individual you hire to head marketing for your software-as-a-service or mobile app startup must hit the ground running in a mission-critical role, and that's a problem, because if you yourself aren't a marketing professional, how are you supposed to hire the best one you can find?

Cloud: The great equalizer for SMEs looking to scale their business

The significance of adopting cloud networks in today’s digital transformation goes beyond just being able to access information online and building business resilience. 2018 was about jumping onto the Cloud bandwagon, 2020 was about survival of the fittest as businesses strive to stay afloat and adapt to the digital format, and 2022 will be the year for…

Managing the fine balance in cloud finance management

A critical starting point is how an organization develops its cloud capability in the first place--an internal analysis of the people, processes and tools needed--whether that’s to support operations, security, or a specific project. More than basic reporting, cloud cost optimisation takes regular cadence upgrades, and the application of processes to cost…

Service-as-a-solution applications enhance collaboration, productivity, and go-to-market agility, says Cloud4C Founder Sridhar Pinnapureddy [Q&A]

Service-as-a-solution applications, such as video conferencing tools, are becoming more popular because they can enhance collaboration and productivity. Digitalization is nearly synonymous with business survival and the commoditization of services and technologies can help enterprises address significant challenges.

In a rare acquisition, Singapore’s TradeGecko scooped up by Silicon Valley giant

$80 billion financial software titan Intuit is the startup’s buyer.

Riding the ‘shared mobility’ boom

Here's how one startup is providing services to popular car, bike, and scooter-sharing apps.


Ex-Grab employees get series A funding for 4-month-old AI startup

The AI startup is serving up localized data to major clients.