Seedstars’ Alisée de Tonnac on investing in global startups and emerging markets [Q&A]

We envision Seedstars to be at the forefront of driving entrepreneurship and investment in emerging markets. We aim to expand our footprint, invest in more startups, and empower more entrepreneurs through our educational programs.

people gathering on concert field

Fever’s Santiago Santamaría Soler on how data-driven insights are shaping the future of entertainment [Q&A]

In this TechNode Global Q&A, Santiago Santamaría Soler, Fever's Global Head of Communications, Public and Institutional Relationships, underscored the role of their data-driven approach in understanding user demand and trends. Fever's technology allows it to collect hundreds of millions of data points that provide valuable insights into what people like,…

From Wall Street to celebrity chef: How Judy Joo is spreading Korean flavors around the world [Podcast Q&A]

The biggest challenge in opening Korean restaurants overseas is educating people on the cultural differences within Asia and explaining that each country is different with its unique culture and culinary traditions and flavors. All of Asia should not be grouped together on one plate--each country and its cuisine should be celebrated as its own.

Oswald Yeo, Co-Founder and CEO of Glints

HR and hiring should move from transactional to full-stack ecosystem approach, says Glints Co-Founder and CEO Oswald Yeo

The long-term goal for Glints is to evolve the talent ecosystem in Southeast Asia from simply being transactional in nature to an end-to-end solution for both businesses and talent