Future of Work

Work-life harmony: Thriving in a new normal where boundaries are blurred

There is no doubt the global pandemic has changed forever the way and the place where we work and live.  The traditional boundaries have blurred, giving rise to an enormous opportunity for the travel and hospitality industry to serve this new-world global citizen.

Chief of Staff: The catalyst that businesses need

Though not a C-suite position, we have watched as the role of Chief of Staff (CoS) become increasingly prominent with successful businesses we have worked with, matching the expansion of C-suite positions and complexities of the workspace. CEOs have to handle their main responsibilities while putting out fires and dealing with everything else that vies for…

2023 is the year tech pros finally deal with tool sprawl

Application performance tools. Cloud services tools. Database performance tools. Here a tool, there a tool, everywhere a tool! 

How businesses can leverage data to become talent prudent amidst economic challenges

While businesses may be reluctant to invest and introduce new systems given the current market conditions, this move would be the right step forward to ensure they are able to successfully navigate through constrained economic environments while being able to plan ahead and stay on top of their competitors. 

Flexible and remote work is here to stay, says Solos CEO Ricky Willianto [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

Solos helps freelancers tap into the most powerful social selling strategy, which is through word-of-mouth, to help them get new clients and projects.

Stay vigilant: How cloud interconnectivity is amplifying the effects of mobile phishing

As businesses and users around the world become increasingly connected through mobile cloud-based platforms and services, cybercriminals are devising phishing strategies that specifically exploit these connections.

How can HR set the stage for Net Zero Transformation?

In general, businesses understand it is imperative for social responsibility, productivity, and profit to go hand in hand.

Due diligence for digital nomads: Keeping safe at work

Working freelance and being a digital nomad means everything – absolutely everything – is your responsibility. Keeping track of your finances, deciding where to work from and when, finding clients, and meeting data privacy requirements … it’s all down to you.

Digital networking post-pandemic: How professionals can protect their data and find work in a gig economy?

The digital world makes our work lives so much more efficient and productive – and now we have the ability to replace a simple burden like business cards with a simple, better way to connect with people. The question is how safe it is to be connected all the time, even with a business card? Can you control privacy settings with unwanted connections?

How your fridge could bring down your company

Remember, your network is only as strong as your weakest device. While we enjoy the convenience that connectivity brings us, it remains crucial to keep vigilant of possible doors that we leave open on the grid be it at home or at work, especially hybrid living as the world has become.