Future of Work

How your fridge could bring down your company

Remember, your network is only as strong as your weakest device. While we enjoy the convenience that connectivity brings us, it remains crucial to keep vigilant of possible doors that we leave open on the grid be it at home or at work, especially hybrid living as the world has become.

Agents of Transformation: How organizations in Singapore can lead the next wave of innovation amid the global battle for talent

The next era of innovation is gathering pace as businesses look to reimagine their applications in response to rapidly changing customer needs and to enable new models of hybrid work.

Global relocation: A thing of the past?

We believe that the relocation industry has all the precursors for ReloTech to thrive and transform the industry. Global relocation will continue to grow as a megatrend as border restrictions start to relax, and ReloTech will be the de facto relocation service in the future.

7 Essential skills elite technologists need to thrive in the new world of hybrid work

By investing in their own skills and competencies, and ensuring they have the right tools to take a more strategic, business-focused approach to innovation, technologists can propel themselves into the next era of digital transformation. 

How unified collaboration is making hybrid learning better

Online courses that utilize the right technologies will allow for both remote and in-person employees to effectively engage, share content and ideas, and participate in unified collaboration, wherever they choose to be.

Hybrid working actually increases our carbon footprint – here’s why, and how businesses and building owners can tackle it

In the era of hybrid working, the continual greening of both commercial and residential buildings will be pivotal in advancing the global net zero target.

In the Post-Covid world, pen and paper and the great resignation emerge as key hurdles for SMEs to ramp up their operations

With the reopening of borders and sectors across Southeast Asia, retail food and beverage (F&B) is ramping up again. However, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking to ride this wave of pent-up demand find themselves bogged down with familiar foes: pen and paper.

Maria Health partners with Deel to provide affordable health coverage to Philippine remote workers

Maria Health, the largest online health insurance marketplace in the Philippines, has partnered with Deel to provide access to affordable health insurance for companies hiring remote workers in the country.