Future of Work

The relevance of workplace experience design in the age of hybrid work

The trajectory of #workplace experience design emerges as a powerful determinant in shaping the daily experiences of employees. As we navigate the challenges of modernizing operations, it is critical to be cognisant of the synergy in creating a nuanced human-centered design driven by technology. Such transformations aren’t merely a strategic move but a…

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Shaping tomorrow’s workforce: How technology is redefining talent acquisition

The tech industry's growing commitment to #sustainability will influence recruitment, attracting professionals who are not only tech-savvy but also environmentally conscious. This shift will encourage companies to foster a green corporate culture, aligning their #recruitment efforts with eco-friendly technology solutions.

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Future-proofing businesses and talent through technology

Partnering with an #EOR service provider greatly reduces the time, costs, and complexities associated with setting up a formal entity in a new country, which helps to simplify the process significantly and reduces cost, making it easier to scale up or down as demand requires. #DigitalTransformation #FutureOfWork #EmployerOfRecord

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Without secured remote connectivity, most enterprises aren’t fully ready to tackle IT challenges hybrid work brings

While hybrid work is already largely considered normal, the report makes it clear that modern platforms are better at coping with the demands and challenges around user support in tandem with the current realities of #IT talent supply. While a remote connectivity platform can represent a transformative solution, I believe it is also a necessity for…

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Navigating workforce evolution: The impact of WFH, AI & automation on the future of work

Embracing change and focusing on opportunities is crucial as we move towards a more automated future. We can capitalize on the fact that with #automation, organizations can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Employees should be encouraged and empowered to concentrate on high-value-added, deeply purpose-driven tasks. #AI #WFH…

ORIGIN Conference: Planning for Southeast Asia Expansion: Markets and Opportunities

The panelists also shared how their companies are able to expand their businesses regionally, serving their customers with better solutions enabled by the Internet and higher smartphone penetration rate. They also shared their companies’ plans and strategies. They also discussed about the latest trends in their respective industries, how to navigate in the…

Work-life harmony: Thriving in a new normal where boundaries are blurred

There is no doubt the global pandemic has changed forever the way and the place where we work and live.  The traditional boundaries have blurred, giving rise to an enormous opportunity for the travel and hospitality industry to serve this new-world global citizen.

Chief of Staff: The catalyst that businesses need

Though not a C-suite position, we have watched as the role of Chief of Staff (CoS) become increasingly prominent with successful businesses we have worked with, matching the expansion of C-suite positions and complexities of the workspace. CEOs have to handle their main responsibilities while putting out fires and dealing with everything else that vies for…

2023 is the year tech pros finally deal with tool sprawl

Application performance tools. Cloud services tools. Database performance tools. Here a tool, there a tool, everywhere a tool! 

How businesses can leverage data to become talent prudent amidst economic challenges

While businesses may be reluctant to invest and introduce new systems given the current market conditions, this move would be the right step forward to ensure they are able to successfully navigate through constrained economic environments while being able to plan ahead and stay on top of their competitors.