Future of Work

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How to gamify fundraising for nonprofits

Gamification can revolutionize nonprofit organizations’ fundraising efforts by making them more engaging and effective. Implementing these strategies can help leaders turn fundraising into an exciting and rewarding experience for their donors, fostering a deeper connection to specific causes and driving greater impact.

Bridging the small business gap in Malaysia’s co-working industry

#CoWorking spaces act as a solution to negate the negative working culture and the inflexible work-life balance by providing amenities and services that allow the employees to thrive. Consequently, this results in an increase in employee productivity levels as well as job satisfaction.

Unlocking digital side hustles: 3 Tech-driven ways to earn online income

With #Web3, decentralization, and #AI, digital solutions are not only reshaping the concept of the #FutureOfWork, but these are also making income opportunities more accessible to users, while also providing significant benefits to technology users on both individual and institutional levels.

Malaysia’s co-working space provider WORQ in talks to raise $8.5M for Series B funding

WORQ announced in October last year that it has completed its pre-Series B fundraising round, backed by 14 follow-on investors.

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Navigating the startup journey: Strategies for team recruitment and retention

In the tumultuous journey of launching a startup, assembling a capable team stands as one of the most critical challenges. Seeking individuals who share your passion for the venture can be a game-changer. That enthusiasm not only fuels their dedication but also provides your #workspace with positivity and creativity. Both are essential traits to have when…

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4 Key trends reshaping the future of work culture

Business leaders are always looking into their crystal balls to predict the next big trend as office workers continue to adjust to newer ways of working, following the rise of hybrid models. It’s not enough to just have an opinion on what the future will look like. Thus, we conducted a comprehensive analysis to identify key macro trends influencing the…

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Break of dawn in coworking: The end of WeWork’s growth-at-all-cost model

The coworking industry has significantly changed in recent years, driven by the global shift towards more flexible and hybrid work models. This change, accelerated by the pandemic, has led to a surge in demand for coworking spaces. It is evolving rapidly, shaped by trends in work culture, technology, and a focus on flexibility, community, and well-being. 

The relevance of workplace experience design in the age of hybrid work

The trajectory of #workplace experience design emerges as a powerful determinant in shaping the daily experiences of employees. As we navigate the challenges of modernizing operations, it is critical to be cognisant of the synergy in creating a nuanced human-centered design driven by technology. Such transformations aren’t merely a strategic move but a…

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Shaping tomorrow’s workforce: How technology is redefining talent acquisition

The tech industry's growing commitment to #sustainability will influence recruitment, attracting professionals who are not only tech-savvy but also environmentally conscious. This shift will encourage companies to foster a green corporate culture, aligning their #recruitment efforts with eco-friendly technology solutions.

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Future-proofing businesses and talent through technology

Partnering with an #EOR service provider greatly reduces the time, costs, and complexities associated with setting up a formal entity in a new country, which helps to simplify the process significantly and reduces cost, making it easier to scale up or down as demand requires. #DigitalTransformation #FutureOfWork #EmployerOfRecord