We asked our TNGlobal INSIDER community to share their insights on the year that was and their bold predictions for 2024. We asked: “What technology trend has made the biggest impact in 2023, and why? What are your bold predictions for 2024? What tech trends and innovations should we keep an eye on, and why?” Here are insights from Kiat How Quak, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Bossjob.

The most impactful technology trend in 2023 has been the widespread adoption and integration of extended reality (XR) technologies. This trend has revolutionized multiple industries, particularly in how we approach talent development and acquisition.

In healthcare, XR’s impact is particularly profound. Medical students and professionals are using XR for immersive training experiences and practicing surgeries and medical procedures in a risk-free virtual environment. Take, for instance, Kettering Health Dayton in the USA, where VR headsets from tech giant Meta are already in use, showcasing the potential of these technologies in revolutionizing the sector. Such applications enhance the quality of medical education and contribute to improved patient outcomes.

Moreover, the rise of XR has reshaped the landscape of workforce skills. With remote and hybrid work models gaining traction, there’s an increasing demand for professionals adept in virtual collaboration. Businesses are now prioritizing the hiring and development of individuals with robust digital communication skills, adapting to a workspace where XR tools are becoming commonplace.

By providing immersive experiences for skill development and redefining collaboration in the workplace, XR technologies have undeniably marked 2023 as a year of significant digital transformation.

As we head into 2024, the following tech trends are set to redefine the landscape further:

Metaverse integration in business operations

The metaverse, extending its reach beyond gaming and entertainment, is poised to transform business operations. We’ve already been seeing the use of metaverse technologies in product design and engineering, just like how renowned car brand BMW is using XR to stream and work on 3D graphics, and its impact is expected to grow significantly. This practical application by BMW underscores the growing demand for professionals skilled in XR technologies, highlighting an imminent shift in talent acquisition and development strategies.

Advancements in quantum computing

Quantum computing is expected to take a quantum leap, necessitating a workforce skilled in quantum physics, mathematics, and algorithm development. This specialized skill set will become increasingly valuable as quantum computing revolutionizes problem-solving across various sectors.

Sustainable tech solutions

The tech industry’s growing commitment to sustainability will influence recruitment, attracting professionals who are not only tech-savvy but also environmentally conscious. This shift will encourage companies to foster a green corporate culture, aligning their recruitment efforts with eco-friendly technology solutions.

We believe that by aligning their talent development and acquisition strategies with these emerging trends, organizations can equip themselves with a workforce ready to navigate and excel in the dynamic landscape of 2024.

Kiat How Quak is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Bossjob. Launched in 2018, Bossjob is a chat-first career platform for professional hiring in Southeast Asia, modeled after the one thing we need in our daily lives – instant gratification. Bossjob aims to provide speedy communications between talents and bosses to eliminate lengthy, or worse, unanswered, application processes through direct chat. Bossjob positions itself as the chat-first career platform for professional hiring in Southeast Asia with its innovative MDD model of “mobile + direct chat + AI-matching,” introducing direct chat into the recruitment scene. With the help of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and big data, the platform recommends highly suitable and active candidates to employers and relevant job opportunities to job seekers. This enhances matching accuracy for both parties, reduces information asymmetry, and improves recruitment efficiency.

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