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New business opportunities under the GPU gap

From AI startups like #OpenAI to the top three public clouds of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, and new cloud service challengers like CoreWeave and Lambda, to large technology companies with #AI demands such as #Meta and Tesla, are all managing to take more #GPU computing power.

TNGlobal’s Top 10 most-read analysis & feature articles in 2023

It’s the time of the year again as we take a look back at what happened throughout 2023 in the tech and startup scene in Southeast Asia.

Thailand expects Tesla, Google, Microsoft to invest $5B — report

"Tesla would be looking into an EV manufacturing facility, Microsoft and Google are looking at data centers," Thailand's Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin said.

Tesla to discuss factory plan for new $24,000 car with India commerce minister – report

The meeting with the commerce minister would be the highest level discussions between Tesla and the India government since June when Tesla founder Elon Musk met India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said he intended to make a significant investment in the country, according to Reuters.

Tesla’s entry into Malaysia could lead to structural change in local automotive industry but lack of charging hubs remains a challenge

Electric vehicle maker Tesla’s entry into Malaysia not only impacts the EV space but also encroaches into the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle market. Having enough charging points is still the first step for the adoption of EV in Malaysia.

Tesla to invest in Malaysia, boosting the country’s sustainable mobility

Tesla Sdn. Bhd. (Tesla), an American multinational electric automotive manufacturer, has on Thursday announced its strategic expansion into the Malaysian market. The expansion plans including vehicle importation, setting up supercharger network, head office, service center and experience center.

Tesla starts accepting orders in Malaysia

As part of Malaysia's commitment to promoting the adoption of low-carbon mobility and supporting the development of the electric vehicle (EV) industry, customers can enjoy full import and excise duties exemption for newly registered zero-emission Tesla electric vehicles.

Malaysia PM Anwar Ibrahim discusses Starlink satellite service with Elon Musk

"We also discussed the participation of SpaceX in the Starlink satellite service, which can contribute to faster and broader internet access, especially in remote areas that require minimal physical infrastructure and land to improve global internet connectivity," Anwar said.

Malaysia PM Anwar to meet Elon Musk to discuss investment – report

"Next week, Elon Musk asked to discuss with me the possibility and his commitment to increase his investments in Malaysia," Anwar was quoted as saying.

Malaysia woos Microsoft, Google to bolster data hub ambitions – report

Malaysia is vying with other Southeast Asian countries that are aimed at building new supply chains.