Wellness revolution: Vietnam’s Vinhomes creates landmark shift with in-home healing ecosystem

As digitalization propels us into a fast-paced world, Vinhomes, Vietnam’s largest #RealEstate developer, is venturing into uncharted territory with its innovative concept: healing begins at home. In the rapidly growing yet fragmented wellness industry, Vinhomes’ mega-complex Ocean City creates a turning point, bringing the power of comprehensive healing…

Beyond electrification: How VinFast invests into the future

The EV trend is not only about electrifying a world driven by fossil fuels but also creating a new style, especially among the young generations. VinFast understands this, as demonstrated by their accessible mini-eSUV, and the electric pickup that is envisioned to become a mobile haven designed for adventure.

A closer look at Warren Buffett-backed Chinese EV giant BYD’s plan in Malaysia

Besides BYD, several Chinese car makers such as Great Wall Motor, SAIC Motor and Geely have been expanding their footprint in Southeast Asia.

Tony Fernandes’s global empire to be broken up into five listed companies “utlimately”

“So in the end, my dream is when I retire, five listed companies, one in America and four in other parts of Asean,” Tony Fernandes said.

[Live from Hanoi, Vietnam] The 2023 VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony – Celebrating “Boundless Unity” Innovations for Humanity

The 2023 VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony is officially poised to take place at 8:00 PM on December 20th, 2023, at the Ho Guom Opera House in #Hanoi. This solemn ceremony will be attended by top leaders of the #Vietnam government and distinguished international scientists who are laureates of world-renowned science and technology prizes such as the Nobel…

TNGlobal’s Top 10 most-read contributor’s articles in 2023

In 2023, TN Global has published contributions from leaders and experts from the tech ecosystem, covering various topics from e-commerce, FinTech, Web3, artificial intelligence, other latest trends and innovations in the tech sector.

TNGlobal’s Top 10 most-read analysis & feature articles in 2023

It’s the time of the year again as we take a look back at what happened throughout 2023 in the tech and startup scene in Southeast Asia.

917 Ventures hopeful to see more unicorns in Philipines, FinTech among the hottest sector [Q&A]

In the interview, Glenn Estrella also shared how 917 Ventures seeks to enter into more strategic partnerships in its home country - the Philippines - and across Southeast Asia. He also shared the challenges within the startup/VC ecosystem in the country and suggestions for the ecosystem, among others.

SC Malaysia to introduce streamlined transfer of listing to encourage more exit options

The SC, together with Bursa Malaysia is working to improve efficiency in the public markets to facilitate a start-up’s IPO, with measures such as expediting the IPO process and reducing time-to-market for companies seeking to list on its stock exchange.

ByteDance’s TikTok strikes deal with GoTo to save Indonesian TikTok Shop – report

Tik Tok is said to have agreed broadly to work with GoTo’s Tokopedia across several areas rather than compete directly with the Indonesian platform.