Singapore’s Grab adds Web3 services to its super app – report

Users can now set up a web3 wallet, win blockchain-based rewards, pay with NFTs and more.

Draw-to-earn rising in popularity, but smart contract loopholes remain

Increasingly adopted in the NFT sphere, developers can revert to smart contracts behind the system currently in play, using it as a basis for fixes to vulnerabilities.

Scotch Whisky Johnnie Walker releases NFTs

The tokens unlock access to a unique piece of graphic design by artist Kode Abdo aka BossLogic.

How NFTs are boosting the global sports collectibles experience

This new blockchain-based digital content is making substantial impacts in various sectors like gaming, arts, entertainment, music, and the multi-billion dollar sports industry.

Singapore skyline SGX SPAC

Income tax will apply to NFT transactions, says Singapore Finance Minister – report

This will apply to individuals who derive income from NFT transactions or from trading in NFTs.

How NFT artists can turn art into investments by keeping piracy at bay

To continue putting artists at the heart of the ecosystem, platforms need to enforce more security measures to ensure the continuous growth of the industry, and the nature of blockchain can do just that.

Building a world where the next 1,000 Pokemon GOs are built [Podcast Q&A]

Our “why” at SuperWorld is how do we build a better world? How do we leverage technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence? How do we bring all these technologies together to actually improve the world and enhance humanity? Those are the kinds of questions that propel us forward.

Out with the old, in with the new: Redefining the gaming ecosystem with NFTs [Podcast]

NFTs are unique tokens that can represent just about anything digital--characters, power-ups, virtual land, weapons, a cherished video clip, and your favorite music soundtrack. They are built with the aid of blockchain technology that enables the uniqueness of each NFT.

The NFT Boom: The popularity behind Non-Fungible Tokens [BEYOND Virtual Panel]

Data ownership, censorship, control--these are challenges that NFTs have the opportunity of solving, thus shifting away from a “feudal” model of gaming wherein the platform owns the content.

Singapore-based RtistiQ launches Southeast Asia’s first online NFT-driven art marketplace

The online art marketplace leverages blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and near field communication (NFC) to provide provenance tracking and ensure authenticity of the artwork.