Fintech Angel Operators to fund and bring on-the-ground expertise to early-stage FinTech startups [Q&A]

TechNode Global interviewed key members of the Fintech Angel Operators to seek their insights on the growing market for FinTech services in the Southeast Asia region with a particular focus on how the model of an angel investor network can accelerate growth in this space.

Why FinTechs should embrace Open Finance

Compared to generalized products offered by large financial institutions, personalized FinTech products will likely generate greater individual returns, driving customer satisfaction and increasing retention rates for fintech companies.

How can Open Finance benefit SMEs in Indonesia?

With Open Finance, banks and lending platforms can credit score their lenders in a faster and more accurate manner. By accessing their cash flow statements, these lenders will have a clearer picture of an SME’s true ability to repay the loan.

Innovating for the future: Meet the engineers, developers, and product managers of e27 Luminaries

In this first coverage of e27 Luminaries, we are putting the spotlight on the first two kinds: engineers, developers, and product managers.

Finantier Co-Founders Diego Rojas and Keng Low

FinTech startup Finantier joins Y Combinator’s Winter 2021 batch, will expand its tech team

Finantier, a Singapore-based startup that specializes in open finance, is set to be part of Y Combinator’s W21 startup accelerator program next year