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Fever’s Santiago Santamaría Soler on how data-driven insights are shaping the future of entertainment [Q&A]

In this TechNode Global Q&A, Santiago Santamaría Soler, Fever's Global Head of Communications, Public and Institutional Relationships, underscored the role of their data-driven approach in understanding user demand and trends. Fever's technology allows it to collect hundreds of millions of data points that provide valuable insights into what people like,…

Startup valuation: From zero to $100M in 18 months [Tech Insights Recap]

In our recent Brown Bag Workshop Session, we learned from Kenny Au and the executive team at Elevate Ventures how startups can leverage opportunities and resources toward increasing their valuation without necessarily tapping into external funding. This includes building use cases toward establishing strategic partnerships that can improve the optics of…

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Life’s A Pitch: from AR glasses to digital health, 6 startups join our online pitchfest

Six regional VCs got the chance to woo three big-name local VCs.

Life’s A Pitch: 6 more startups sweet-talk VCs

And sign-ups are now open for our next Life's A Pitch session on August 13.

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Life’s A Pitch: Smart buildings system & 5 more startups join our online pitchfest

Tip: your startup could join our next Life's A Pitch session on July 16.

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AHB 2020 open for sign-ups with prizes and goodies for Asia startups

Asia Hot-tech Battle is back. Pitch to top VCs, get vital coverage, and lots more to offer.

Life’s A Pitch: 6 more startups woo VCs

Apply now for two more pitch sessions coming up in June.

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Life’s A Pitch: 12 startups angle for funds

Apply now for upcoming pitches over the summer.