What crypto startups should focus on to raise brand awareness in 2023

To reach new heights and stand out, this is the time to set out bold, innovative branding strategies.

How SaaS-based ESG solutions are making an impact in the region

The challenge businesses are often faced with when starting with ESG is “where do I start?” and once they kickstart and embark on their ESG journey, the question then becomes “where do I go from here?”.

ESG investing means funding more female entrepreneurs

Improving women’s access to finance could boost global economic output by up to $28 trillion by 2025, according to the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Climate financing: A failure of current systems of accountability?

As we seek better and tighter structures to dish out climate finance, there is increasing rhetoric on both the good and bad that blockchain technology brings. It is up to us as global citizens, global communities, and companies to band together and call upon greater accountability for the survival of our planet.

CBDCs, Carbon Credits, and the carbon constrained world

Drawing experiences from the gold mining and oil digging era, it is always about control of resources. Those in control of the technology to harvest the minerals can endlessly exploit countries with the mineral resources but are unable to harvest. The ones who made the most money during the gold rush were selling the pickaxes and wheelbarrows. Similarly,…

Net zero transition risks to business

In this article, we will explore a small facet of this transition risks, and attempt to provide an overview of what this means for companies, with a focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), since these form the bulk of jobs and economy of countries.

How investors can navigate the confusion of ESG ratings

Sustainable investment needs to be powered by data, and the problem of ESG data today is that it is mostly fragmented, and whatever is available is a historical snapshot of self-disclosures with little value to forward-looking risk assessments. Technology is a key enabler to addressing these gaps and can make data higher quality, more consistent, and…

Sequoia-backed Incomlend launches $60M invoice financing program for ESG-focused SMEs

Incomlend connects SMEs globally with communities of investors, enabling them to finance individual invoices on an exchange platform. Since 2016, Incomlend has financed over $500 million in trades across 50 countries.

What does China’s emissions trading scheme mean for businesses?

Like many other businesses, we see major opportunities in China. Not only is its market size and market value vast, but its commitment to carbon neutrality can make a huge impact on the global fight against climate change. It is inevitable that over time, all businesses operating in China will need to be part of the national solution. Data is the key--it…