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ORIGIN: Asia Tech Conference: Southeast Asia – The Bright Spot For VC Investing Amidst Global Uncertainties?

“Southeast Asia: The Bright Spot For VC Investing Amidst Global Uncertainties?” was a panel that featured Thomas G. Tsao of Gobi Partners, Roderick Purwana of East Ventures and Angela Toy of Golden Gate Ventures, moderated by James Kwan, Founder & Executive Chairman, Jumpstart Media at the ORIGIN: Asia Tech Conference. ​​

East Ventures, Temasek Foundation launches second Indonesia’s climate tech innovations competition

East Ventures, a Southeast Asian sector-agnostic venture capital firm, and Temasek Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit philanthropic organization that supports sustainable development initiatives, have on Monday announced the second edition of the Climate Impact Innovations Challenge (CIIC) 2024, Indonesia's largest climate tech innovations…

East Ventures names Sang Han as its new Partner for East Ventures South Korea fund

East Ventures, a sector-agnostic venture capital firm in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, has announced Sang Han as a Partner for East Ventures South Korea fund. East Ventures said in a statement on Thursday that Sang will leverage his extensive experience to manage the fund operation of East Ventures in South Korea.

East Ventures and Kadin Indonesia launch free web-based greenhouse gasses calculator

East Ventures and The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin Indonesia) have on Tuesday launched ECOVISEA, which stands for Emission Calculator & Visualization Southeast Asia.

East Ventures announces first healthcare fund of $30M

East Ventures, a venture capital firm in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, has on Wednesday announced the firm’s first healthcare-focused fund with the amount of $30 million, which is dedicated to supporting innovative healthcare solutions in Indonesia.

East Ventures and SV Investment announce the $100M dedicated fund for Southeast Asia

East Ventures, an Indonesia-based venture capital firm, and SV Investment, a South Korea-based venture capital and private equity firm firm, have on Friday announced the $100 million dedicated fund for Southeast Asia. This fund aims to open the investment corridor between the Southeast Asian and Korean venture ecosystem, including capital investment,…

Indonesia’s legal tech startup Hukumku raises funding led by East Ventures

The funding will be allocated to accelerate its product development and marketing efforts as the platform will be launched in November 2023.

Indonesia sees consistent improvement in EV-DCI up to 2023, says East Ventures

Indonesia's East Ventures - Digital Competitiveness Index (EV-DCI) has increased for four consecutive years with the median score of 38.5 in 2023, said Singapore-based venture capital firm East Ventures Wednesday.

East Ventures and Temasek Foundation launch Indonesia’s climate tech innovations platform

Indonesia-focused venture capital firm East Ventures, and Singapore-based non-profit organization Temasek Foundation, have launched Climate Impact Innovations Challenge (CIIC), the largest climate tech innovations platform of the year in Indonesia.

East Ventures launches white paper on genomics with Indonesia’s Ministry of Health

East Ventures, an Indonesia-focused venture capital firm, has on Thursday launched a white paper “Genomics: Leapfrogging into the Indonesian healthcare future”.