Singapore Blockchain Innovation Program launches hackathon to accelerate blockchain adoption

S$80,000 in prizes for the nation's best hackers to bring their blockchain innovation to life.

Ethereum security likely to remain under-challenged post-Merge?

There are reasons to believe the new changes brought by merge will make Ethereum temporarily less secure, but there are always two sides to the crypto coin. Where contributors are incentivized to put more on the line, a commitment to growth, increased scalability, and accountability on the blockchain will follow.

How NFT artists can turn art into investments by keeping piracy at bay

To continue putting artists at the heart of the ecosystem, platforms need to enforce more security measures to ensure the continuous growth of the industry, and the nature of blockchain can do just that.

Passive crypto income strategies: How to earn up to 20% APY [Podcast]

There are many opportunities for passive crypto earning in 2022 and beyond. Holding digital assets and generating passive income out of them creates additional revenue streams.

The NFT Boom: The popularity behind Non-Fungible Tokens [BEYOND Virtual Panel]

Data ownership, censorship, control--these are challenges that NFTs have the opportunity of solving, thus shifting away from a “feudal” model of gaming wherein the platform owns the content.

Achieving the next-generation crypto exchange for the masses through DeFi platforms

The metaverse is expected to see the rise of a multitude of digital and online platforms and services. One specific sub-sector here that merits attention is that of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). While digital currency exchanges have experienced setbacks over the years, they continue to grow and gain more users.

VeChain’s Sunny Lu on the future of blockchain in the real world [Podcast Q&A]

"Although there is still heavy focus on regulations and compliance in the blockchain industry, what VeChain is really concerned about is the evolving marketplace in need of maturity. For the majority of enterprise users of public blockchain, they need more upstream and downstream players to build a larger collaborative ecosystem. VeChain aims to play this…

Updating a blockchain is forking hard!

If blockchain networks seek to stand the test of time and rebuild today's institutions for a decentralized, democratized world, governance will be a vital part of the mission.

Zipmex’s Marcus Lim on access, regulation, and innovation in Southeast Asia’s FinTech and blockchain ecosystem [Q&A]

The increased confidence from institutional investors has propelled more retail investors to invest in digital assets. In turn, new financial products and services related to digital assets will be developed which may provide opportunities for both existing and new investors to participate in projects that will be the first of their kind and shape the…