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DeepL’s David Parry-Jones on the future of language AI in business [Q&A]

With a recent investment of $300 million, DeepL is focused on breaking down language barriers and enabling companies to connect with diverse markets. Parry-Jones highlighted the unique capabilities of DeepL's #LanguageAI platform, which specializes in understanding, generating, and processing human language, setting it apart from general AI models and…

Estonia’s Education Minister Kristina Kallas on the challenges and opportunities of AI in learning and empowerment [Q&A]

In this exclusive TNGlobal Q&A, Estonia's Education Minister Kristina Kallas delves into the intricacies of Estonia's digital #Education transformation, offering valuable insights for other nations seeking to harness the power of #AI to shape the future of #Learning.

Tech startup and sports leadership lessons from CARMA’s Sabrina Azmi [Q&A]

In this interview, CARMA's Sabrina Azmi provides insights on overcoming gender bias within the male-dominated tech space. She also shares strategies for thriving, as well as leadership philosophies she's honed as a young female leader managing a large team.

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Niko Partners’ Lisa Cosmas Hanson on the impact of gametech beyond gaming [Q&A]

In this #interview with Lisa Cosmas Hanson, President and CEO of Niko Partners, we explore the dual impact of #gametech in advancing the #gaming industry and its innovative applications in diverse sectors, alongside a forecast on #SoutheastAsia's evolving gaming market trends.

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Taiko’s David Weisiger on revolutionizing Ethereum scalability [Q&A]

In this TNGlobal Q&A, Taiko's Head of Developer Relations, David Weisiger, offers deep insights into innovative approaches to scaling #Ethereum via Layer 2 solutions.

Ensign InfoSecurity’s Gaurav Keerthi on the future of cyber defense and offense in the GenAI era [Q&A]

GenAI is helping the blue teams (the defenders) be better, but it is also helping the bad guys (the attackers) do more harm. GenAI is also a technology itself, and just like any technology, it has its own inherent risks and problems to grapple with. #CyberSecurity #AI #GenAI

How open-source fosters trust and innovation: Q&A with Ant Group’s Wang Xu

This TNGlobal Q&A with Mr. Wang Xu, Vice Chairman of the Open-Source Technology Committee at Ant Group, aims to explore the underlying motivations for Ant Group's commitment to #OpenSource, the expected outcomes of such initiatives, the balance between open-source contribution and proprietary business interests, and the cultural shifts that come with…

Innovating for FinTech inclusion: Ant International’s plans for the next billion users

At the #SingaporeFinTechFestival 2023, we learn how innovations are rewriting the narrative of financial empowerment, enabling a future where everyone, regardless of their geographical or socio-economic background, will have access to essential financial tools and services.

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Empowering excellence: Women at the forefront of cyber resilience

The #cybersecurity industry has historically been characterized as a male-dominated field. This industry has seen a great scarcity of women forging a career within its ranks. In 2021, women made up just 24 percent of the global cybersecurity workforce, despite an industry shortfall of over 3 million professionals. But the landscape is gradually changing.…

Doctor Anywhere’s Lim Wai Mun on adapting AI strategies in healthcare across diverse markets

In this TNGlobal Q&A with Lim Wai Mun, the Founder and CEO of Doctor Anywhere, he explores how various facets of how #AI is shaping the #healthcare industry. Lim elaborated on how AI has revolutionized #healthtech by optimizing various processes, notably by reducing consultation times and enhancing patient experiences.