Wellness revolution: Vietnam’s Vinhomes creates landmark shift with in-home healing ecosystem

As digitalization propels us into a fast-paced world, Vinhomes, Vietnam’s largest #RealEstate developer, is venturing into uncharted territory with its innovative concept: healing begins at home. In the rapidly growing yet fragmented wellness industry, Vinhomes’ mega-complex Ocean City creates a turning point, bringing the power of comprehensive healing…

VinFast powers Indonesia’s EV future with expansion plan

The Indonesian government's push for an electric vehicle ecosystem creates an ideal opportunity for VinFast, Vietnam's premier EV manufacturer, to contribute to Indonesia's goal of reaching sustainable transportation.

[Live from Hanoi, Vietnam] The 2023 VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony – Celebrating “Boundless Unity” Innovations for Humanity

The 2023 VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony is officially poised to take place at 8:00 PM on December 20th, 2023, at the Ho Guom Opera House in #Hanoi. This solemn ceremony will be attended by top leaders of the #Vietnam government and distinguished international scientists who are laureates of world-renowned science and technology prizes such as the Nobel…

Smart materials for energy harvesting and storage

The webinar was moderated by Professor Sir Kostya Novoselov, a 2010 #NobelPrize Laureate in #Physics and a Member of the VinFuture Prize Council. Renowned for his contributions in graphene material research, condensed matter physics, mesoscopic physics, and #nanotechnology, Professor Novoselov holds esteemed positions as the Tan Chin Tuan Centennial…

The 2021 VinFuture grand prize laureates receive Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2023

Before the #NobelPrize awarded Dr. Kariko and Prof. Weissman, the 2021 #VinFuturePrize was one of the first few global sci-tech awards to honor the work of Dr. Kariko and Prof. Weissman. Furthermore, the VinFuture Prize evaluates work at a broader scale, including many related discoveries to create comprehensive impacts.

A sneak peek into the future of traffic jam reduction

Deep reinforcement learning is expected to advance 80 years of congestion modeling-based research. Scientists demonstrated in what is known as The MegaVander Test that connected autonomous vehicles (AVs) to function as mediators for mixed autonomic transportation with the aim to ease #traffic and conserve #energy.

Potential and challenges in the pursuit of the hydrogen economy

Amidst the rapid push to enhance hydrogen technology as a viable and sustainable energy alternative, the InnovaTalk webinar titled “A Green Future of the #Hydrogen Economy” united four distinguished experts. Their aim was to delve into the potentials and hurdles of this emerging technology, particularly in the context of #Vietnam, which has committed to…

Is ChatGPT ready for the world? AI experts discuss loopholes and potential solutions

The goal of AI-driven technology is to improve and enhance human life rather than replace humans. The panel encouraged the audience not to worry but instead to learn how to wisely delegate tasks to AI.

2023 VinFuture InnovaTalk series: applying new technologies to increase agriculture production while reducing post-harvest losses

The VinFuture Foundation's launch of the 2023 InnovaTalk series on agriculture has highlighted the potential for new technologies to revolutionize the industry.

Two members of VinFuture Prize Council and Pre-screening Committee elected to the US National Academy of Engineering

Professor Thuc-Quyen Nguyen, co-chair of the VinFuture Prize Pre-screening Committee, and Dr. Xuedong Huang, a member of the VinFuture Prize Council, have recently been elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering (NAE), which is considered one of the highest honors within the engineering field.