As digitalization propels us into a fast-paced world, Vinhomes, Vietnam’s largest real estate developer, is venturing into uncharted territory with its innovative concept: healing begins at home. In the rapidly growing yet fragmented wellness industry, Vinhomes’ mega-complex Ocean City creates a turning point, bringing the power of comprehensive healing practices directly to residents’ doorsteps, fostering sustainable wellness within the very fabric of their daily lives.

In our fast-paced era, driven by digitalization, individuals struggle to maintain work-life balance. Amidst this frenetic progress, the healing industry flourishes, especially in bustling metropolises, reflecting a deep yearning for restoration and equilibrium in an often overwhelming world.

As the world embraces healing trends, Vietnam sees a groundbreaking move. Vinhomes crafts a novel concept: homes designed to foster well-being.

Vinhomes enters the wellness industry by building a unique healing ecosystem within its Ocean City mega-complex in Hanoi. This marks a first for Vietnamese real estate, reflecting the growing recognition of mental health needs in fast-paced cities.

Ocean City is envisioned to become the most livable place on Earth in the digital era. Photo credits: Jesse Paul.

“My home offers a sense of sanctuary”

For seven years, American technology expert Morgan McGill has witnessed Vietnam’s rapid economic expansion firsthand, experiencing the meteoric rise of both the nation and his own career. “There’s no denying it,” he says, reflecting from his home in Vinhomes’ Ocean City complex, “the past seven years have seen extraordinary development.”

Like many professionals in demanding careers, Morgan McGill acknowledges the hidden cost of progress. “With opportunity comes sacrifice,” he explains, “the constant workload inevitably eats into personal time. This isn’t just my story.” Seeking a healthier balance and a more sustainable pace, he turned to therapeutic practices, incorporating regular courses and retreats into his routine twice a year.

Moving to Ocean City has brought a change. “The need for external healing has lessened,” he says. “My home here offers a sense of sanctuary. Every return feels like a recharge, making extended recovery periods a thing of the past.”

Ocean City offers a blissful escape from frenetic urban life, blending modern city living with the serenity of nature. Photo credits: Jesse Paul.

Morgan McGill credits his transformation to Vinhomes’ innovative approach with Ocean City. Designed not just as a living space, but as a holistic healing ecosystem, the complex integrates features that promote mental and physical well-being. From dedicated green spaces and man-made beaches to spas, yoga studios, and gyms, Ocean City empowers residents to cultivate peace and balance in their daily lives.

Morgan McGill’s experience thus exemplifies Vietnam’s own evolution. As the nation thrives, the demand for well-being solutions grows, giving rise to pioneering developments like Ocean City. These prioritize not just economic progress, but holistic human flourishing.

Global phenomenon

Driven by a global focus on health and well-being, the wellness market is experiencing a meteoric rise. According to McKinsey & Company, nearly half of US consumers now prioritize wellness in their daily lives, representing a significant 8 percent increase from 2020. This surging demand shows no signs of slowing down, even as COVID-19 transitions to an endemic state, highlighting the transformative power of prioritizing well-being in our lives.

The booming popularity of fitness classes and the ever-present wearable tech and mindfulness apps on our devices leave no doubt: wellness is no longer a fringe interest, but an essential part of people’s daily routines.

McKinsey & Company estimates that spending on wellness products and services in the US alone exceeds $450 billion annually, with a consistent 5 percent growth rate. This global focus on well-being reflects a growing understanding of the importance of holistic health and a desire to prioritize self-care in our demanding world.

Vinhomes marks the first time a real estate developer with a comprehensive ecosystem has ventured into the healing industry. Photo credits: Jesse Paul.

As the global demand for holistic well-being soars, businesses beyond traditional healthcare providers are entering the fray, aiming to broaden their services in this rapidly growing but fragmented industry. Despite its fast growth, the industry consists of thousands of individual providers.

However, Vinhomes’ Ocean City could mark a significant shift in the well-being industry by integrating a comprehensive healing ecosystem directly into its residential spaces. This innovative approach brings the power of healing practices right to residents’ doors, fostering a culture of sustainable well-being seamlessly woven into their daily lives.

By seamlessly integrating healing elements into their homes, residents at Ocean City gain the chance to build lasting habits and reshape their lives around a core value: balanced well-being. This goes beyond simply providing access to services; it empowers individuals to become active participants in their own wellness journeys, potentially transforming the industry’s approach to holistic health, which encompasses physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social dimensions.

Vinhomes redefines wellness

Recognizing the increasing demand for well-being in bustling cities, Vinhomes seamlessly integrates holistic wellness into its offerings. Capitalizing on its scale, expertise, and position in a nation of 90 million with a growing middle class, the company creates a unique approach to urban well-being living.

Located within Ocean City is a unique feature: saltwater lakes, the first of their kind in a Vietnamese city center. What’s more, residents can also enjoy a freshwater area featuring white sand beaches, offering an idyllic waterfront living experience amidst Hanoi’s vibrant energy.

Ocean City’s vision goes beyond shimmering lakes. Here, amidst meticulously crafted green spaces, residents are welcomed by sleek, modern apartments and villas bordering the water. Nature’s beauty unfolds effortlessly outside their windows. Tranquil parks offer respites from the city’s hum, while vibrant restaurants, cafes, and shops line lively streets, creating a tapestry of life and energy.

Ocean City isn’t just about sun, sand and tranquility. It’s a thriving community built for modern lifestyles. Photo credits: Jesse Paul.

Ocean City goes beyond just living spaces, transforming into a sprawling fitness haven for residents. They have access to a variety of facilities, including a state-of-the-art gym, yoga studios, swimming pools, and running tracks, not to mention badminton, basketball, and tennis courts. Golf courses further elevate the active lifestyle experience. “Moving here,” shares Ms. Chae-young Kim, a content creator from Korea, “I’ve embraced a daily jog habit. The endorphin rush helps me de-stress and spark creativity.”

Beyond its physical amenities, Ocean City fosters a comprehensive well-being ecosystem. Recognizing the growing concern about isolation, the development goes beyond mere facilities, cultivating a vibrant community where residents connect and thrive. Resident-led clubs for yoga, book discussions, and even cooking classes foster social bonds and shared interests. This holistic approach aims to build more than just apartments – it builds a supportive and fulfilling community where well-being flourishes.

“The perfect balance”

For Ocean City, it’s a global game. In an increasingly interconnected world, Vietnam is emerging as a magnet for foreign investment, business opportunities, and a new wave of location-independent professionals. This, coupled with the rise of remote work, fuels a demand for all-encompassing urban hubs that seamlessly integrate work, life, and leisure.

Ocean City is capitalizing on this trend by positioning itself as an attractive destination for these global citizens. These individuals, particularly young professionals and entrepreneurs, crave stimulating environments that foster connection, cultural exchange, and wellness. Vinhomes aims to fulfill these desires by creating vibrant urban areas that go beyond mere living spaces. They strive to offer an exceptional quality of life, making their communities some of the most desirable on Earth.

As Vietnam emerges as a magnet for foreign investment, business opportunities, and a new wave of location-independent professionals, Ocean City is capitalizing on this trend. Photo credits: Jesse Paul.

Fueled by a passion for exploration and entrepreneurial ventures, Klaus Müller, a financial consultant with diverse experiences across the US, Australia, and Singapore, seeks out a new living environment every two years.

“However, Hanoi’s Ocean City offered an unexpected twist,” he continued. “Despite my Singapore-based headquarters, I opted to stay, choosing a remote work lifestyle.”

“It’s the perfect balance,” he enthused, his voice reflecting genuine satisfaction. “The flexibility of remote work is certainly appealing, but what truly sets Ocean City apart is its integrated wellness program. I got free mental health courses!”

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