Eco-friendly entrepreneurship: A roadmap to sustainable business growth and engaged employees

Eco-friendly entrepreneurship can make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change. Taking a climate-conscious approach is highly rewarding for employees, too. Even if you’re working with limited funds, you can build employee engagement with initiatives like carpooling, community clean-ups, and #sustainability tracking. 

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Paving the way for a more sustainable future in the technology industry

By integrating sustainable practices into their operations, businesses can help to minimize their environmental footprint while meeting the growing expectations of consumers and regulators.

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Saving the planet one ride at a time: The rise of green energy transportation

The rise of green energy transportation is an encouraging step in our transition toward a more sustainable future. Companies and governments around the world taking proactive measures to reduce their carbon footprint and invest in renewable sources. These initiatives reduce emissions while safeguarding our planet for future generations.

Combo of smarter existing cities & new, high-tech cities will make Thailand a desirable destination for global investment, says Dr. Non Arkaraprasertkul

In the interview, Dr. Arkaraprasertkul also shared his views on smart cities startup ecosystem in APAC and how depa help drive the smart cities ecosystem in Thailand and also his suggestions to encourage startups to come up with smart city solutions.

Climate financing: A failure of current systems of accountability?

As we seek better and tighter structures to dish out climate finance, there is increasing rhetoric on both the good and bad that blockchain technology brings. It is up to us as global citizens, global communities, and companies to band together and call upon greater accountability for the survival of our planet.

CBDCs, Carbon Credits, and the carbon constrained world

Drawing experiences from the gold mining and oil digging era, it is always about control of resources. Those in control of the technology to harvest the minerals can endlessly exploit countries with the mineral resources but are unable to harvest. The ones who made the most money during the gold rush were selling the pickaxes and wheelbarrows. Similarly,…

The climate change reality for businesses

A climate of economic, policy, and market uncertainty has prompted many companies to take a cautious approach towards climate change. Under these circumstances, it's not surprising that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are generally reluctant to put climate risk at the forefront of their priorities. Many are still trying to understand the…

Net zero transition risks to business

In this article, we will explore a small facet of this transition risks, and attempt to provide an overview of what this means for companies, with a focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), since these form the bulk of jobs and economy of countries.

Sustainable development in Asia Pacific – innovating for energy efficiency [Event highlights]

The panel discussion hopes to take a closer look at the role of innovative energy efficiency solutions in achieving carbon reduction goals. It also hopes to dive deeper to understand the current market trends, opportunities, barriers to deployment, and what can be done to drive adoption and meet various sustainable development goals.

Tackling the speed bumps on the road to electrification this World EV Day

With EVs now seen as a catalyst for sustainability, world governments have announced ambitious targets for EV adoption. An increasing number of automobile manufacturers are also entering the industry to offer a wider range of models at more accessible prices. Now, we are set to fast-track the shift to e-mobility and pave the way towards a zero-emission…