How ex-Wall Street veterans are redefining what it means to ‘own your trade’ in Web3 [Podcast]

“The inevitable shift towards Web3 will increase the need for practical solutions to quickly onboard Web2 users. Merging the most useful features of centralized and decentralized exchanges can be the key to mass adoption for Web3-based crypto trading. For active market participants, this is a clear win."

Passive crypto income strategies: How to earn up to 20% APY [Podcast]

There are many opportunities for passive crypto earning in 2022 and beyond. Holding digital assets and generating passive income out of them creates additional revenue streams.

Luni Libes of Africa Eats on impact investing and building out services to fill in business infrastructure gaps in food & agri [Podcast Q&A]

Africa Eats is a novel investment holding company that takes 27 graduates from the Fledge accelerator and which answers the question of "how do you build out the food/ag supply chain across Africa to end hunger and poverty?" The answer is a mashup of venture capital, business accelerator, and Berkshire Hathaway.