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Revolutionizing the Philippines’ food industry: Unleashing innovation and technology

Amidst challenges, technology emerges as a beacon of hope. Inaccessible infrastructure and logistics impede the seamless movement of food from farms to tables. While arable land is abundant, productivity lags behind due to a lack of technological access and innovation. Part of the solution lies in democratizing technology, making it accessible and…

Targeted e-commerce should be a discovery-led experience, says edamama’s Bela Gupta D’Souza [Q&A]

Decisions on what products to buy or services to avail of as parents are often influenced by research, social proofing, and seeking out detailed reviews. We, therefore, think that shopping increasingly needs to be a discovery-led experience instead of a search-driven process. 

For Kickstart Ventures, investment strategies revolve around the digital ‘new consumer’ [Q&A with Minette Navarrete]

Our investment strategy revolves around today’s new customer, who might be the digital consumer or the digital company. They might be digital natives, or they could be newly digital. In any case, technology plays a bigger, more important, more fundamental role in their daily lives today.

Mom-focused e-commerce platform Edamama raises $5M pre-Series A for automation, logistics & product development

The company was established amid the pandemic by its founder Bela Gupta D’Souza, who saw the pain points of mothers as consumers when purchasing online. She said that it is common for mothers to spend many hours in search of the best products for their children only to end up with inferior quality products from untrusted sources.

Social entertainment startup Kumu to scale operations and roll out new features with Series B fundraise led by SIG and Openspace Ventures

Kumu will use the new infusion to scale its current operations, which has seen significant growth over the past year. To date, an estimated 11.2 million registered users around the world watch live streams up to 60 million times per month, with over 100,000 active streamers commanding about one hour of average daily usage for its mostly Gen-Z & Millennial…


Wireless tech startup Transcelestial to enter Philippines’ internet infrastructure market with $2M investment from Kickstart Ventures

The company aims to address the Philippines’ Internet infrastructure bottleneck problem through its tech. It plans to provide ISPs, enterprises, and government agencies with a cheaper alternative to traditional fiber optic cables without compromising on internet quality and reliability.