Seedstars’ Alisée de Tonnac on investing in global startups and emerging markets [Q&A]

We envision Seedstars to be at the forefront of driving entrepreneurship and investment in emerging markets. We aim to expand our footprint, invest in more startups, and empower more entrepreneurs through our educational programs.

Driving global payment innovation: Enhancing efficiency and customer experience

As the paradigm for customer engagement evolves, flexibility becomes crucial in addressing regulatory requirements that change daily and sometimes hourly. Achieving the next phase of customer engagement in the digital world requires organizations to elevate the customer experience without creating unnecessary friction in the customer journey. Companies that…

Axiata’s Boost to leverage ecosystem as it prepares to launch its digital bank. Here’s how and why. [Q&A]

TechNode Global talked to Boost Chief Executive Officer Sheyantha Abeykoon to learn about the company’s plan and strategy as it prepares to launch one of the digital banks in the country.

TechNode Global’s Top 10 feature articles in 2022

We have written some analysis and feature articles in 2022, covering various sectors, including FinTech, DroneTech, Web3, and electric vehicles, among others. Here are the most popular ones:

Singapore FinTech Association & 5 national FinTech associations to form Asean FinTech Movement

The MOU seeks to formalize each national FinTech association’s involvement in the formation of the ASEAN FinTech Movement, with the goal of raising the region’s profile as a FinTech powerhouse, as well as providing a common networking platform for the region’s FinTech players to tap onto.

Exploring the FinTech revolution in the Philippines

With the right support and innovation, FinTech companies can unlock better access to digital payment solutions, democratized investments, digitized traditional financial services, and even new verticals such as e-commerce for all Filipinos, driving the Philippines’ digital economy to greater heights.

Consortiums partnering banks, e-wallets have an upper hand to bag Malaysia digital bank licenses

Consortiums partnering with financial institutions and e-wallet operators will have an upper hand in securing a digital banking license in Malaysia, according to analysts.

FinTech continues to be a hot sector in Southeast Asia after a booming 2021

FinTech will continue to be one of the hottest sectors in Southeast Asia after investors pumped record amounts into the region’s FinTech firms last year.

Singapore skyline SGX SPAC

Southeast Asia FinTech fundraising hits record high of $3.5B year to date – report

Following a dip in fundraising seen across ASEAN’s FinTech scene in 2020, funding has rebounded to reach a record high of $3.5 billion year to date, more than triple the amount seen over 2020, said an industry report. This funding was driven by 13 mega-rounds (classified as funding rounds of at least US$100 million), accounting for more than half of total…

The future of banking: Immersive banking – the holy grail (part 3 of 3)

In this new paradigm, key services such as deposit-taking service, asset-custodian, insurance, lending services, risk management, and the offer of securities, etc. will be redistributed between different tech layers and service providers. New capabilities, such as smart contract audit or underwriting (for non-crypto assets) could also be created along the…