Sandeep Aneja, Founder & Managing Partner, Kaizenvest

A deep-dive into the importance of entrepreneur-driven disruptions in education and learning [Q&A with Kaizenvest’s Sandeep Aneja]

In a deep-dive Q&A, we learn about the challenges in education, both as an industry and as a pedagogy. "The three key challenges, which are to be addressed by education are access, quality, and relevance,” says Sandeep Aneja, Founder & Managing Partner at Kaizenvest.

Jakarta-based EdTech platform GREDU secures $4M Series A for local expansion and product development

Since its launch in September 2016, GREDU has grown its platform, which is currently being used by over 400 schools, bringing its total user base to roughly 400,000. The startup provides its users (students, parents, teachers, and administrators) with a single platform to communicate with each other and keep track of any important details.

Flying Cape is addressing the inefficiencies in education through SMART marketplaces [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

"Our core belief is that each child learns differently and that we need to find the right resource, materials and teachers to meet their unique needs."

For ACKTEC Technologies, microlearning is the most efficient means of delivery for EdTech [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

ACKTEC Technologies is a SaaS-driven EdTech company that specializes in providing a digital learning ecosystem that helps structure and digitize learning and development (L&D) content for educational organizations, large-scale MNCs, companies in the growth stage, and companies scaling beyond their borders.

ORIGIN: Reimagining education amid increased digitalization brought about by the pandemic

The pandemic has served as a catalyst in learning innovations. For Edtech companies, the opportunities are in ensuring innovative delivery of mentorship and content.

Startup specializing in lifetime learning secures six-digit Seed funding, aims to ‘help managers become leaders’

C-suite, a lifetime learning platform designed for executives, has launched its official web application to help professionals improve their knowledge, skills, and credentials.