Indonesian EdTech startup GREDU has announced that it has raised $4 million in a Series A round of funding led by Indonesian venture capital firm Intudo Ventures, and participated by Palo Alto-based global investor Vertex Ventures. The startup plans to use its new funding to expand within the Greater Jakarta Region and invest in product development.

Intudo Ventures founding partner Patrick Yip shares his thoughts on the investment: “Working with school districts and administrators, GREDU provides innovative solutions specifically tailored to enhance the quality, transparency and effectiveness of Indonesia’s education system. We are proud to support GREDU at this critical juncture as they help more schools digitize their operations and create positive impact for students throughout Indonesia.”

Since its launch in September 2016, GREDU has grown its platform, which is currently being used by over 400 schools, bringing its total user base to roughly 400,000. The company “aims to increase the level of engagement in a school environment to improve the overall schooling experience for teachers, parents, and students.” The startup provides its users (students, parents, teachers, and administrators) with a single platform to communicate with each other and keep track of any important details.

“We believe that many of the digitization in schools adopted during the pandemic will continue to be used for the future, changing the way administrators manage schools and improving transparency for local education authorities, teachers, and parents,” said Rizky Aniez, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GREDU.

The startup enables its ecosystem with four different services that are tailored to its specific users. School administrators can use the GREDU School Management System. Teachers, on the other hand, can use GREDU Teacher in order to track the progress of all their students, create exams and activities for students, and grade them. GREDU Parents provides parents and guardians with a platform to communicate with their child’s teachers and to keep track of their grades. Lastly, GREDU Student allows students to look at their test scores, attendance, and keep track of different school activities.

With the pandemic, the need for EdTech platforms grew as schools were restricted from operating in order to follow proper safety protocols. Right before the Covid-19 pandemic, the startup added an Online Assignment feature. During the pandemic, the startup made efforts to enable remote learning by launching its Interactive Class feature.

Featured image credits: Pexels