Digital Transformation

A Woman Looking the Tag on a Shirt

Enhancing the customer experience with a human-centric approach to fashion retail [Q&A]

In this TechNode Global Q&A with key leaders from the World Mode Holdings Group (WMH) team, we learn about the company's strategic expansion into the Asia Pacific region, providing tailored solutions to APAC brands to enhance O2O capabilities, localization to address the needs of various target markets, talent development, partnerships, and a focus on…

Migrating to Cloud is like playing a game of Snakes and Ladders

Every company's journey to the cloud is unique, as there is no universal migration plan that works perfectly for all organizations.

7 Essential skills elite technologists need to thrive in the new world of hybrid work

By investing in their own skills and competencies, and ensuring they have the right tools to take a more strategic, business-focused approach to innovation, technologists can propel themselves into the next era of digital transformation. 

Winter is coming, but startups can be prepared with the right tech planning

Cloud services provide access to top-notch infrastructure at low upfront costs and allow startups to launch products at a faster pace. It also helps the product team to scale their load-handling capacity in case the demand shoots up for their goods or services. We recommend firms get a cloud partner early on to help in this journey.

NTT Ltd’s Kiran Bhagwanani on how digital transformation is creating new value through the Connected Industry [Q&A]

In the current age of the Connected Industry – where new value is being created through digital networks between people, companies, devices, machines and places – any organization seeking not just to survive disruption but also thrive must get intentional about building their digital vitality which is an area of intense focus by NTT.