TechNode Global has announced the finalists for the first edition of ORIGIN Innovation Awards. The ORIGIN Innovation Awards recognizes outstanding startups, corporates, ecosystem enablers, and movers and shakers in Asia who are poised for growth. The awards celebrate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and also seek to inspire the dreamer in all of us. 

Nominations for the ORIGIN Innovation Awards began on Jun. 1 and ended on Sept. 20. The eligible nominees for the Ecosystem Enabler Awards and Movers and Shakers Awards were put up for public voting from Sept. 22–30. Final decisions about the awards were made by a committee of advisors, informed by the public voting.

Together with the all-star advisory team, TechNode Global spent close to two weeks evaluating every nomination and determining the finalists. The ORIGIN Innovation Awards advisory committee is made up of representatives from AppWorks, Cyberport, Gobi Partners, Golden Gate Ventures, InnoVen Capital, MDI Ventures, Rakuten Capital, Sistema Asia, True Digital Park, and ZWC Partners. 

The awards nominees come from diverse backgrounds: fledgling startups, as well as more established companies, all participated. Close to 400 contenders from 18 countries across the Asia Pacific region participated. Southeast Asia continued to be the dominant region with 67% of the applications, while East Asia emerged in the second spot with 23%, ahead of South Asia with 10%.

Dr. Gang Lu, founder and CEO of TechNode Global, said, “We are thankful to receive professional support from our advisors. Despite the negative impacts brought by the pandemic, we remain hopeful and see the unique opportunities that the crisis presents. Now, where the playing field is levelled, is probably the best time for companies to bring out the best in themselves by grabbing new opportunities.”

The ORIGIN Innovation Awards results will be announced on Nov. 18, 2020 during the ORIGIN Conference, an on-demand conference track about the latest developments in the Asia tech and startup scene within the TECHFEST Live x ROAD-TO-WCIT Malaysia 2020. Use code “ORIGINATTECHFEST” for US$150 off all-access tickets. For more information, visit

The finalists (in alphabetical order):

[Startup Awards] – Artificial Intelligence 

  1. AIZEN – South Korean AI Banking-as-a-Service platform. 
  2. AlpacaJapan – AI and FinTech company that utilises machine learning and deep neural network to provide investment solutions for bankers, asset managers, traders, and market makers worldwide. 
  3. Augmentus – full-stack robotics platform that uses mixed reality to enable code-free industrial and collaborative robot programming. 
  4. – Indonesian conversational AI company with an integrated platform to build intelligent chatbots. 
  5. Saleswhale – AI-powered lead conversion software. 
  6. SandStar – startup that uses AI computer vision to revolutionize retail operations. 
  7. Tookitaki – enterprise software company that creates sustainable compliance programs for the financial services industry. 
  8. UIB – omnichannel messaging service provider with AI and IoT platform APIs for ISVs, chatbot builders, and developers. 

[Startup Awards] – FinTech 

  1. Aspire – Y Combinator-backed technology organization that serves small businesses with financial tools to solve cash flow management and working capital needs across Southeast Asia. 
  2. Curlec – Malaysia-based fintech company that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to collect recurring payments and take control of their cash flow. 
  3. FPL Technologies – FinTech startup that helps consumers check, monitor, and improve their credit score via an AI-based score planner. 
  4. Gorilla – mobile telco that provides mobile connectivity utilizing decentralized blockchain technology. 
  5. slice – FinTech startup that aims to redesign the financial experience for millennials in India. 
  6. StashAway – digital wealth manager that personalizes financial planning and portfolio management for the needs of retail and accredited investors alike. 
  7. Validus Capital – peer-to-business financing platform that utilizes data analytics, machine learning, and AI to fund growing businesses and address the financing gaps faced by SMEs. 
  8. – Vietnam-based peer-to-peer lending platform that connects borrowers with investors. 

[Startup Awards] – IoT 

  1. JomParking – smart parking application that eases parking payments in Malaysia. 
  2. KaHa – end to end smart IoT wearables platform. 
  3. MAD Gaze – augmented reality smart glasses company. 
  4. MicroSec – company specialized in IoT security. 
  5. oneCHARGE – electric vehicles startup that operates a computer vision and AI-enabled EV charging system. 
  6. Origami Labs – mobile computing solutions provider that offers screen-free, voice, and gesture-based products and services. 
  7. Overdrive – IoT platform specialized in fleet management, assets monitoring, environmental sensing, vehicles monitoring, and real-time location system. 
  8. Pinmicro –  global provider of IoT-based real-time location solutions. 

[Startup Awards] – HealthTech 

  1. Aktivolabs – personal wellness application that utilizes digital behavioural modification tools. 
  2. DocDoc – patient intelligence company that empowers patients to make data-driven healthcare decisions. 
  3. mClinica – healthtech startup that connects pharmacies using mobile technology. 
  4. Newman’s – healthtech startup that provides online medical consultations and hair loss treatment for men. 
  5. Oncoshot – cancer collaborative platform that empowers patients, caregivers, and oncologists with access to personalized clinical trial information and top cancer experts for a second opinion. 
  6. StratifiCare™ Inc. – healthtech company that focuses on the development and manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostics assay solutions for personalized medicine. 
  7. Ubie – AI-driven MedTech startup founded by doctors and engineers to guide patients to the right treatment at the right time. 
  8. Vault Dragon – healthtech startup that aims to build “Asia’s Google Maps for healthcare data”. 

[Startup Awards] – Logistics & LMF 

  1. Buyandship – cross-border e-commerce logistics company in the Asia-Pacific region. 
  2. DRVR – fleet management solution that uses an IoT analytics platform. 
  3. Haulio – Singapore-based container haulage platform that connects hauliers and shippers to better streamline fleet management and trucking services in real-time. 
  4. Inteluck – logistics company focused on first and second-mile delivery.
  5. Moovaz – Singapore-based logistics and international relocation startup.
  6. Parcel Perform – carrier-independent parcel tracking platform for e-commerce retailers.
  7. PDL Technology Limited – semiconductor company who drives adoption of the use of 3 phase 6 wire BLDC motors in the transportation industry.
  8. SHIPPOP – Thailand-based e-logistics aggregator startup. 

[Startup Awards] – Supply Chain & New Retail 

  1. GrowSari – B2B e-commerce startup focusing on small groceries or sari-sari stores in the Philippines.
  2. InsightSCS – Philippines-based provider of cloud, blockchain, and AI-based supply chain solutions.
  3. IUIGA – Singapore lifestyle homeware retailer combining brick-and-mortar retailing with e-commerce.
  4. Mighty Jaxx – integrated platform empowering future culture brands with an end-to-end supply chain of tech-enabled collectibles and to deliver new retail experiences to consumers globally.
  5. NITEX – Bangladesh-based end-to-end digital supply chain management company which helps small & medium size clothing brands and buyers with their overseas productions in an exceptionally efficient and transparent manner.
  6. O4S – Gurugram-based SaaS startup helping brands with 360° visibility in their downstream supply chain. 
  7. Perpule – India-based omnichannel retail-tech company. 
  8. Wahyoo – Indonesia-based startup focused on digitizing street food vendors. 

[Startup Awards] – E-commerce 

  1. Captive Interactive – Singapore-based digital content production and integrated digital marketing agency focused on e-commerce live streaming and e-commerce marketing.
  2. Frabbit – Chiang Mai-based marketplace of services and offerings ranging from food delivery, errands service, to booking a hair appointment.
  3. Intrepid Group -a Southeast Asian e-commerce consultancy firm offering end-to-end e-commerce management services.
  4. Kampung Marketer – Indonesia-based social enterprise who trains and educates village youth about e-commerce and digital marketing. 
  5. Lokein – Malaysia-based online marketplace for second-hand items. 
  6. LoveLocal – India-based retail company that digitizes and organizes local retailers, delivering a neighborhood shopping experience of the future. 
  7. myCashback – online cashback platform for multi-category consumer products.
  8. PriyoShop – Bangladesh-based last-mile e-commerce platform.

[Startup Awards] – Media & Entertainment 

  1. CAPSL – Hong Kong & Shanghai-based Esports game studio. 
  2. CloudTheatre – online ticket streaming platform for theatre shows. 
  3. Gushcloud International – global talent agency group that connects audiences and brands to influencers and content creators. 
  4. Kumu – live streaming app built for Gen Z and millennial Filipinos. 
  5. Music Hotpot – cloud infrastructure on blockchain that enables direct creator-to-consumer transaction and monetization on the music marketplace. 
  6. Partipost – crowd influencer marketing platform that matches brands to influencers with the highest brand affinity to drive authentic word of mouth marketing. 
  7. Sendjoy – celebrity video booking platform where anyone can book personalized celebrity video messages to surprise their loved ones. 
  8. Zocial Earn – marketing agency that empowers everyday consumers and social users to be key opinion consumers for brands. 

[Startup Awards] – Food & AgriTech 

  1. Aquaconnect – full-stack aquaculture technology venture that provides data-driven farm advisory and marketplace solutions for shrimp and fish farmers. 
  2. Avant Meats – cultivated meat technology company with a pilot focus on fish and seafood. 
  3. CRUST – foodtech startup that upcycles food waste by turning fresh surplus ingredients into beers and other beverages. 
  4. DiMuto – trade solutions platform providing end-to-end supply chain visibility for global agrifood companies. 
  5. 8villages – agritech company aspiring to empower farmers and rural communities through technology. 
  6. HERO Protein – Mainland China-focused plant-based meat company with its proprietary process based on a high moisture extrusion technology.
  7. Sesamilk Foods – Thailand-based company producing sesame milk, which is an alternative to dairy milk and is extracted from premium-grade Thai sesame seeds.
  8. Tartan Sense –  AI powered robotics solutions provider empowering small farm holders. 

[Startup Awards] – EduTech 

  1. ACKTEC Technologies – EdTech company focused on innovation in 360 VR, virtual reality, and augmented reality for immersive learning. 
  2. Careershe – career guidance startup focused on helping students between 15-25 years old in China. 
  3. Flying Cape – online booking and advisory platform for tuition and enrichment classes in Singapore. 
  4. Glints – career discovery and development platform who has launched the Glints ExpertClass program to facilitate young professionals who are curious and eager to amplify their skill set. 
  5. GREDU – Indonesia-based social ed-tech platform offering school management solutions
  6. Kalpha – peer to peer mobile platform where individuals can connect and meetup to learn and share any skills, knowledge and experiences on a 1-to-1 basis. 
  7. myFirst – brand new collection of tech for kids and teens to engage with technological advancements. 
  8. Ottodot – Singapore-based science learning platform for primary 3-6 students. 

[Startup Awards] – Internet Solutions (aaS) 

  1. CoverGo – insurance technology company that provides enterprise software solutions to insurers, banks, MGAs, and brokers in Asia and beyond. 
  2. FirstHive – customer data platform that enables brands to build persistent customer identities by aggregating data from across all sources of customer interactions and customer transactions.  
  3. HK Decoman Technology – Hong Kong-based renovation and decoration solution platform. 
  4. Parkingbnb – platform for drivers to find the cheapest and closest parking space considering personal preferences. 
  5. Procol – India-based intelligent procurement software. 
  6. Ravenry – company that connects customers with content writers in Asia. 
  7. SyZyGy –  5G-powered virtual event platform with integrative features such as VR/MR, 720° panoramic view, and live streaming.
  8. Trabble – guest engagement SaaS platform for the hospitality & travel industry. 

Best Digital Transformation Award 

  1. ADB – Philippines-based multilateral development bank focused on Asia and the Pacific region. ADB Digital seeks out innovative solutions aligned to the digital sandbox programs on artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, and big data. 
  2. Fung Group – Hong Kong-based, privately-held business entity that engages in trading, logistics, distribution, and retailing businesses. Explorium is a value-generating ecosystem where businesses, start-ups, incubators, accelerators, and venture capitalists collaborate to explore disruptive technologies that are reshaping global supply chain and retail in the digital era. 
  3. L’Oreal – French personal care company. The annual L’Oreal Innovation Runway launched in 2017 in Singapore is a competition that seeks to transform the beauty industry with scalable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly technologies. 
  4. Pilmico Foods Corporation – food and agribusiness that primarily engages in the manufacture of wheat flour and wheat by-products. Pilmico 2.0 is a digital transformation initiative that focuses on workplace transformation, customer experience, business operations, and business model innovation. 
  5. Sogou – provider of search, input methods, browsers, and other Internet products and services in China. Sogou Vocational Avatar is an artificial intelligence multi-mode synthesis technology that can replicate human speech, lip movements, facial expressions, and body movements. 

[Ecosystem Enabler Awards] Best Community Builder 

  1. HKSTP Global Acceleration Academy – free-of-charge open innovation platform that transforms corporate innovation with tech venture solutions and co-creation to succeed in the Asian market and beyond. 
  2. QBO Innovation Hub –  Philippines-based public-private partnership platform that supports Filipino startups, connects and develops the local startup ecosystem, and forwards tech and innovation. 
  3. SheLovesTech – startup competition for women and technology, seeking and accelerating the best entrepreneurs and technology for transformative impact. 
  4. StartUp Village – incubator/accelerator that helps disruptive and innovative startups bring their unique ideas and business concept to reality. 
  5. True Digital Park – Thailand-based startup and tech entrepreneur hub for digital innovation. 

[Ecosystem Enabler Awards] People’s Choice VC 

  1. Brinc –  venture capital and accelerator firm that invests in pre-seed to series A startups and runs global accelerator programs. 
  2. Cocoon Capital – Singapore-based venture capital firm that invests in early stage, enterprise and deep tech companies across Southeast Asia. 
  3. 500 Startups – global venture capital firm managing over $600M in committed capital across their global and regional funds.
  4. Gobi Partners – venture capital firm with a Pan-Asian presence across North Asia, South Asia, and ASEAN with over US$1.1 billion in assets under management (AUM).
  5. Manila Angel Investors Network (MAIN) –  private investors network in the Philippines that supports the country’s startup ecosystem by connecting investors with promising early-stage companies. 
  6. Quest Ventures – venture fund for companies that have scalability and replicability in large internet communities. 
  7. Sequoia India – venture capital firm which operates in India and Southeast Asia through one arm, helping founders build companies from idea to IPO and beyond. 
  8. Vickers Venture Partners – global venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in life sciences, technology, media, telecommunications, as well as consumer and financial services.

[Movers & Shakers Awards] Outstanding Female VC

  1. Amra Naidoo, Accelerating Asia 
  2. Goh Yiping, Quest Ventures
  3. Huang Shao-Ning, AngelCentral
  4. Shannon Kalayanamitr, Gobi Partners
  5. Sui Ling Cheah, Wavemaker Partners SEA

[Movers & Shakers Awards] Promising Female Founder

  1. Araya Noon Hutasuwan, SnapCart 
  2. Caecilia Chu, YouTrip 
  3. Jamie Tan, Flying Cape 
  4. Katherina Lacey, Quincus 
  5. Val Yap, PolicyPal 

[Movers & Shakers Awards] Founder of the Year

  1. Jonathan Savoir, Quincus
  2. Michele Ferrario, StashAway
  3. Mohammad H. D. A. Farahani, SEPPURE
  4. Rama Raditya, Qlue
  5. Roland Ros, Kumu

[Movers & Shakers Awards] Best Sustainable Solution

  1. Ecoinno – Hong Kong Science Park-based technology company that focuses on developing multiple categories of products from Green Composite Material™️ (GCM™️), made from cellulose with Ecoinno’s proprietary processing facilities.
  2. EcoWorth Tech – waste solutions company specialised in transforming waste materials into reusable products.
  3. Magorium – waste plastic recycling solution and a disruptor in the road modifier industry.
  4. RWDC Industries – Singapore-based company that produces biodegradable plastic.
  5. TurtleTree Labs – Singapore-based biotech startup which uses cell-based technology to create milk.

[Movers & Shakers Awards] Resilience Award

  1. BookDoc – Malaysia-based healthtech startup. BookDoc launched a COVID-19 digital mobile platform offering free virtual health advisory to the public, enabling them to order COVID-19 screening tests, access to the latest COVID-19 news & updates, and uberisation of healthcare via webinar.
  2. Insilico Medicine – Hong Kong-based AI company for drug discovery and development. Insilico launched a COVID-19 basic and clinical research system called COVIDomic which helps scientists and researchers alike to predict the severity of the disease in hope to reduce the severity and mortality of infection. 
  3. Kargo – Indonesia-based freight logistics startup. Kargo has dedicated 16 billion IDR to establish the Logistics Relief Fund. This will aid transporters on Kargo’s platform with their working capital cycles during this COVID-19 pandemic. A portion of the fund will also be donated to meet the logistical needs of Indonesia such as food delivery and essential supplies to hospitals. 
  4. mClinica – HealthTech startup that connects pharmacies using mobile technology. mClinica has offered the much-needed digital tools for governments to conduct online research of COVID-19, to run digital awareness campaigns to its pharmacy network on prevention and screening, and to provide e-learning modules to prepare the pharmacists for the pandemic and inform them of the latest guidelines. 
  5. Unacademy – India-based online learning platform. During the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, Unacademy Educators offered 20,000 Free Live Classes on its platform not just to existing Unacademy subscription but to the general public as well. 


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