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Navigating the challenges of data sharing in the age of connectivity

Data sharing within applications serves as the lifeblood of modern organizations, facilitating seamless communication and enabling cross-functional workflows. Whether it's sharing data between departments to streamline operations or integrating third-party services to enhance functionality, the exchange of data fuels organizational growth and drives…

NEXTGEN and Claroty team up with new distribution agreement

Singapore-based technology services firm NEXTGEN Group Asia and United States-based cyber-physical systems (CPS) protection company Claroty have announced a new distribution partnership extending across Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines.

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Roadmap for 2024: Infrastructure growth, cyber threat vigilance, and sustainable monitoring practices

As businesses increase the number of systems in their IT networks, improved visibility, customization, and greater levels of control across IT infrastructures will become progressively more important. Given that it is impossible to keep up with every new product launch in today’s age of technological innovation, the ability to extend the capabilities of…

SentinelOne completes acquisition of Indian cloud security startup PingSafe

SentinelOne, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered security, has on Monday announced that it has completed its acquisition of Singapore-based cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) PingSafe, ushering in a new era of cloud security which it is in pole position to lead.

Malaysia’s Techna-X acquires 51 percent stake in IT firm Netsec

Malaysia-based energy storage and digital transformation enabler Techna-X Bhd (Techna-X) and information technology (IT) firm Netsec Sdn Bhd (Netsec) have on Wednesday announced the formation of a groundbreaking joint venture that aims to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape in Malaysia and beyond. This strategic partnership will see Techna-X acquiring…

US’s SentinelOne acquires India’s PingSafe to expand cloud security capabilities

SentinelOne, a United States-based leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered security, has recently announced that it has agreed to acquire PingSafe, an India-based unified cloud security platform.

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Fostering a living security ecosystem

Organizations and individuals alike need to brace themselves for a new era of threats, which are becoming smarter, quicker, and more coordinated. To combat this, incorporating a comprehensive security solution that provides real-time monitoring and analysis across an organization's entire digital ecosystem is pivotal.

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CISO as the keystone to a culture of resilience

The #CISO, a position that has grown increasingly important since the last decade, is quickly becoming a key role in almost all large #enterprises today. Especially against the rapidly evolving threat landscape fuelled by emerging technologies maturity and ongoing economic headwinds, the need for a dedicated security professional to fortify #cybersecurity…

Ensign InfoSecurity’s Gaurav Keerthi on the future of cyber defense and offense in the GenAI era [Q&A]

GenAI is helping the blue teams (the defenders) be better, but it is also helping the bad guys (the attackers) do more harm. GenAI is also a technology itself, and just like any technology, it has its own inherent risks and problems to grapple with. #CyberSecurity #AI #GenAI

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Empowering excellence: Women at the forefront of cyber resilience

The #cybersecurity industry has historically been characterized as a male-dominated field. This industry has seen a great scarcity of women forging a career within its ranks. In 2021, women made up just 24 percent of the global cybersecurity workforce, despite an industry shortfall of over 3 million professionals. But the landscape is gradually changing.…