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Scoring sustainability goals: The sports industry’s tech-powered green revolution

In the league of a greener future, technology is the sports industry's star player, where scoring sustainability goals is as thrilling as the game itself, says William Xiong, Vice President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence and General Manager for International Industry Solutions.

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Reinforcement, productivity, efficiency and collaboration: The potential of technology’s contribution towards biodiversity conservation

When harnessed ethically and inclusively, technology can be a catalyst for conserving the rich global biodiversity that we have been entrusted to safeguard. Working with a partner who has expertise across every IT touchpoint of the value chain and who understands trusted data will be crucial.

3 hottest trends impacting FinTech trading in 2024

These trends, catalyzed by advancements in #AI, and continued growth of #DeFi services signal a fundamental shift in market accessibility and global liquidity. #Blockchain startups that focus on #RWA bridge the gap between traditional finance and opportunities with blockchain-powered markets.

Bridging the small business gap in Malaysia’s co-working industry

#CoWorking spaces act as a solution to negate the negative working culture and the inflexible work-life balance by providing amenities and services that allow the employees to thrive. Consequently, this results in an increase in employee productivity levels as well as job satisfaction.

Understanding the impact of blockchain technology on sports gaming

As #blockchain technology matures and becomes simpler to use, we can expect its adoption in sports #gaming to accelerate. More platforms and industries will embrace the use of #NFTs, #SmartContracts, and decentralized systems to enhance user experiences and create new revenue models.

RWAs for social change: Digitizing assets and services

The promise of RWAs for #SocialGood is not just an incremental improvement. By reimagining asset ownership, streamlining transactions, enhancing transparency, and fostering community-driven development, this technology can usher in a world that empowers everyone to have access to essential resources. The next challenges to overcome will involve technical…

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How to use SMS analytics to grow your startup

Entrepreneurs should give their text and email subscribers separate, valuable content. One way to accomplish this is to make them feel in the know or special by providing promotions, early access codes, or a first glimpse at new products just for them. In addition to lowering churn, this approach can drive up subscriptions.

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Is mental health support immune to technology or on the cusp of a revolution?

As technology continues to transform and with the rapid advancement of #AI-driven #MentalHealth platforms, the question arises: Is #psychology impervious to technological disruption, or is it on the cusp of a transformative revolution? 

A new era of opportunities to watch post-Bitcoin halving

A new variety of #crypto-focused products are now available, but is the market ready?

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A practical guide to boosting student-centered learning with digital innovations

#Education is the cornerstone of societal progress, and its effectiveness hinges on its ability to cater to the diverse needs of learners. In an era marked by technological advancements, the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to education is gradually giving way to personalized #learning experiences.