Leveraging HR analytics to reduce employee turnover

HR professionals stand at the forefront of fostering thriving workplace environments, and leveraging data-driven insights offers a powerful strategy for achieving this goal. #HR teams can make informed, strategic decisions that directly address employee engagement and retention nuances by harnessing the information available through employee analytics. #AI

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Malaysia’s solar surge: From 4% to 58% by 2050, can the nation shine bright?

Achieving the full potential of solar energy in Malaysia requires collaborative efforts between the government, industry stakeholders, and local communities. By working together, #Malaysia can realize the numerous benefits of #SolarEnergy while addressing pressing environmental and economic challenges.

APAC is the blueprint for regulating the blockchain space

When it comes to enhancing digital sovereignty and #privacy, vital in an era of increased data exploitation and breaches, blockchain solutions are empowering individuals with increased protection and autonomy. While regulation is necessary to curb illicit activities, such as fraud and money laundering, the ideal #crypto policy balances these concerns…

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Mission critical: Safeguarding submarine cable networks

Network operators are investing in infrastructure to boost connectivity across the region. Perhaps unbeknownst to many, a big part of this infrastructure involves international submarine cables carrying #telecommunications traffic between #SEA and the rest of the world. Behind every email sent, every transaction made, and every phone call dialed is a…

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Cybersecurity: A business imperative for today’s leaders

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity has emerged as a critical business issue that leaders across all sectors must grapple with. The increasing sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks have made it clear that #cybersecurity is no longer just a technology concern, but a business one. Leaders who fail to recognize this are at risk of…

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With spot Bitcoin ETFs breaking record inflows, on-chain finance is bridging a new era for digital assets

With increased participation from both retail and institutional investors in Spot #Bitcoin #ETFs and the wider digital assets ecosystem, on-chain finance is anticipated to adapt and grow dynamically, addressing continuous and ever-evolving needs for user protection.


It’s a love scam, not a love story: Navigating cyber red flags in 2024

Organizations need to remain vigilant against romance schemes, especially as employees are increasingly using corporate-owned devices for personal use. This exposes the company to higher risks of #CyberSecurity threats such as #Phishing #Scams, identity theft, and #Malware attacks.

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From algorithms to “aha” moments, the rise of AI in personalized learning

Forget textbooks and one-size-fits-all lectures. #AI is transforming education into a personalized learning odyssey. Imagine conquering weaknesses with laser-focused practice, or diving deeper into passions that ignite your curiosity. No longer a standardized test, #education becomes an adventure tailored to unlock your inner genius.

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Smart construction technology trends 2024: Forecast for GCC & Asia

Smart construction technology is rapidly evolving, revolutionizing the way projects are planned, executed, and managed. In the #GCC and #Asia, this trend is particularly pronounced, driven by a push for greater efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Emerging technologies such as #IoT, #AI, and #drones are reshaping the #construction landscape, offering…

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New business opportunities under the GPU gap

From AI startups like #OpenAI to the top three public clouds of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, and new cloud service challengers like CoreWeave and Lambda, to large technology companies with #AI demands such as #Meta and Tesla, are all managing to take more #GPU computing power.