BEYOND Expo | Is investment in Web3 a hype or science?

Three guests from Web3 and investment companies spoke with moderator ShinWei Teh, an Investment Banker at Credit Suisse, about whether Web3 investment is all hype or based on science, as well as how to evaluate the performance of Web3 companies and other Web3-relate questions at the BEYOND Expo 2022 tech conference, held online in BEYOND Metaverse.

BEYOND Expo | Blockchain gaming company Animoca says Web3 space can overturn tech giants’ dominance

Yat Siu, Animoca’s Co-Founder and Chairman, talked about why they are bullish on Web3 gaming and whether the play-to-earn gaming model is sustainable at the BEYOND Expo 2022 tech conference, held online at BEYOND Metaverse.

What a dynamic blockchain OS means for the Web3 ecosystem

The notion that Web3 is relatively new makes it a hotbed for ambitious startups and developers. As with any new industry, time will tell as to how the next evolution of digital apps will take off. 

5 Industries with huge potential for NFT applications

NFTs have the capability to represent any item, right, or record. As is typically the case with historically momentous discoveries, NFTs are a nascent technology causing an unprecedented cultural and financial shift due to its rapidly increasing rate of innovation and acceptance. 

The rise of Web3: Asia Pacific expected to grow at fastest rate

In line with the rapid growth and interest in Web3, TechNode Global has introduced a category “Web 3 Disruptors” in the third edition of ORIGIN Innovation Awards.

Blockchain in 2022 and beyond: Is the current crypto tumble a mirror of 2018?

During a webinar on 26 January 2022 organized by Huobi Research Institute, three industry experts debated the future awaiting the crypto market this year. Topics covered included a market overview, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), crypto regulatory changes, meme coins and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Taking traditional gaming to the Metaverse, an interview with Red Door Digital’s Joseph Derflinger [Q&A]

Founded in 2021, Red Door Digital aims to take the ultra traditional gaming experience to the metaverse. The company is a global-to-local Web 3.0-ready game studio and publisher making award-winning AAA-quality GameFi titles a reality. The team is composed of world-class game designers and developers that not only worked on, but spearheaded the launch of…

Enhancing security in a trustless ecosystem: Can biometrics be the solution?

Considering how important financial services are in Web2, it’s no surprise that this area will be equally, if not more, critical for Web3. However, to realize a mature Web3 ecosystem, DeFi must first and foremost address major challenges in security.