Tier One Entertainment

For Tier One Entertainment’s Alodia Gosiengfiao, we are in a golden era of play-to-earn games [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

"I think the major trend nowadays is that Asian Market is entering a golden era of Play 2 Earn (P2E) games that kick-started because of Axie Infinity and we are super excited for the opportunities that it will bring to the industry."

Game on – The evolution of eSports and gaming [Beyond Virtual Panel recap]

Digital gaming and eSports continue to advance further and become more enticing for players. Their popularity, particularly in the midst of a pandemic, is also in a way blurring the lines between traditional gaming and digital gaming.

ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2021: Announcing the Startup Leader of the Year winners

Congratulations to the ORIGIN Innovation Awards Startup Leaders of the Year: Alodia Gosiengfiao, Co-Founder of Tier 1 Entertainment;Kamarul Muhamed, Founder and Group CEO of Aerodyne Group; Jamie Tan, Founder, Flying Cape.

Philippines: Southeast Asia’s next big breakout market?

TechNode Global’s series on the Philippines will delve into why now, after years of depending on income from remittances, Filipino entrepreneurs and founders are attracting venture capital (VC) money in droves. In this first part, we briefly explain the key growth drivers and opportunities awaiting VCs in the country, while laying the groundwork for future…