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Temasek-backed Zilingo is said to suspend CEO amid probe – report

The concerns center on the way that Zilingo accounted for transactions and revenue across a platform spanning thousands of small merchants, the report said.

AWAK is set to revolutionize kidney care with its breakthrough ultra-portable wearable dialysis machine [Q&A]

With AWAK’s wearable technology, dialysis patients will be able to regain the freedom they once lost due to the rigid schedule of dialysis. With AWAK’s product, dialysis patients will be able to dialyze on-the-go, thus eliminating the need for dedicating specific time and resources for dialysis and hence, reducing the burden of therapy.

FinTech democratizes access to investments as capital shifts toward private markets, says Oi Yee Choo of ADDX [Q&A]

The shift toward private capital is driving innovation in many ways – in technology, in business processes, and in the way the markets are regulated. The rise of platforms like ADDX that expand access to private investments such as VC funds, pre-IPO equity, hedge funds, wholesale bonds, and private real estate, is an example of that innovation.

Oi Yee Choo, Chief Commercial Officer, iSTOX

After $50M Series A, iSTOX tokenizes Temasek-backed Astrea VI private equity bonds for enhanced access and automation

Through tokenization, securities such as bonds, equity, and funds will be available on blockchain networks through smart contracts.

Singapore leads Southeast Asian FoodTech movement as Next Gen secures $10M Seed fund to launch its plant-based chicken alternative

Southeast Asia continues to grow in the FoodTech and meat alternative industry as investors continue to back foreign and regional companies. Singapore spearheads the movement with multiple startups and key investments in the industry.

Horizon Ventures and Temasek Holdings-backed cultured chicken set to debut in Singapore

This Saturday will mark the first time cell-grown meat will be in the commercial market, with Eat Just’s GOOD Meat Cultured Chicken passing extensive review by the Singapore Food Agency.