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Evaluating the potential of Web 3.0 in FinTech: Hype or trillion-dollar opportunity?

With its promise of enhanced security, increased efficiency, and expanded opportunities for financial services, Web 3.0 has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about and engage with fintech. As the technology continues to develop and evolve, it will be crucial for fintech companies to stay informed and adapt to capitalize on this trillion-dollar…

Stripe and Saison Capital team up on new insights programme for Southeast Asia’s startups

Singapore-based venture capital firm Saison Capital will be introducing to its portfolio companies a new insights program in collaboration with Stripe, a United States and Ireland-based financial infrastructure platform for businesses.

The talent arbitrage basis for tech valuations

VC investments (and their associated valuations) can be seen to be a broad index on talent--not necessarily an endorsement of specific business models. Spotting founders who understand the power of leveraging capital and talent arbitrage will create outsized returns in traditional and emerging markets.

Fintech Angel Operators to fund and bring on-the-ground expertise to early-stage FinTech startups [Q&A]

TechNode Global interviewed key members of the Fintech Angel Operators to seek their insights on the growing market for FinTech services in the Southeast Asia region with a particular focus on how the model of an angel investor network can accelerate growth in this space.

‘Robinhood of Vietnam’ Infina raises $2M in oversubscribed Seed round

The startup seeks to tap into a growing opportunity in the retail investing space in Vietnam. The country of 97 million population has more than 75 percent internet users transacting money digitally, but only roughly 3.14 million--or 3.2 percent of the population-- investing in securities.

Opening the 2021 Cohort of Saison Capital VC Scout Program – April 2021

We are especially looking for unusual profiles and messy CVs — profiles that HR finds hard to place. Our Scouts include YC founders, ex-partners of VC funds, country managers of SEA tech unicorns, etc.