Verified connections: Redefining social media interactions through provable identities

While the landscape of #SocialMedia and #Web3 is evolving, many social platforms typically offer limited, if any, financial rewards for user engagement and content creation, leaving a gap to be filled. And this is where the emerging SocialFi space is stepping in and offering approaches that fill this void. 

Indonesia issues regulations requiring Google, Meta to compensate news publishers – report

"The spirit of the regulation is... to ensure a fair cooperation between media and digital platforms, provide clearer cooperation framework between them," Jokowi was quoted as saying.

Malaysia to take action against Facebook’s parent Meta over harmful contents

As there is no sufficient cooperation from Meta, MCMC said it has no option but to take definitive steps or legal action against Meta as a measure to ensure that people are secure and protected in the digital sphere. The agency said such action is necessary in promoting accountability for cybersecurity and enhancing consumer protection against online harms,…

Facebook-parent Meta to cut 10,000 jobs in second round of layoffs

Meta owns social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Indonesia planning to relax foreign investment policies for local tech startups

Facebook, Bain & Co Report: Southeast Asia’s digital consumer population to reach 380M by 2026

Since the start of the pandemic, 70 million people have become digital consumers. Nearly half of them, or around 30 million people, became digital consumers from 2020 to 2021 alone. By 2026, Southeast Asia’s digital consumer population is expected to reach around 380 million.

Top product managers in Southeast Asia share tips and best practices for budding PMs

Product experts share actionable insights from their years of product management. Find useful tips on different ways to structure a product team within an organization, communication amongst different stakeholders, and hiring PMs. Practical advice on beta testing and prioritization strategies will also be covered towards the end of this piece so do read to…

Kevin Hoong and Michelle Chin, Co-Founders of Oyen

The rise of pet-focused e-commerce is a sign of maturing market, says Oyen’s Kevin Hoong amid pet InsurTech’s $420K Seed raise

We are extremely focused on accelerating our growth of pet owner acquisition in Malaysia and constantly experimenting with new growth channels to scale our business. Within the coming months, we hope to also further develop our proprietary technology which will allow us to distribute our product and manage our claims services smartly and at scale. To…

The trouble with Google and Facebook: Is absolute power corrupting absolutely?

The Goo-book duopoly dominates our lives now that the internet has become a public utility run by private sector companies, but politicians have yet to find a way to regulate ‘big tech’ effectively.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Facebook invests in Gojek

Facebook and WhatsApp want to "serve small businesses" with this Gojek deal.