DLD Conference

EV, bioeconomy among industries poised for exponential growth, says investor & author Azeem Azhar

Azeem is one of the speakers at the DLD Conference held between January 12 and 14 in Munich, Germany.

Australia’s plastic alternative firm Uluu aims to build commercial plant in 2025

Uluu uses farmed seaweed rather than terrestial crops or waste as a carbon source to produce a plastic alternative. Doing so not only provides economic advantages but, more importantly, the unique potential to scale enough carbon to decouple our polymer economy from fossil fuels, information from its website showed. From its unique seawater process, Uluu’s…

AI could be the ‘next big thing’ after internet & cloud, says Burda Principal Investments’ Christian Teichmann

In the interview, Burda Principal Investments CEO/Managing Director Christian Teichmann also shared the firm's plans and sectors in focus for 2023.