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London: A global hub for games [BEYOND Virtual Panel recap]

London has features that make it a very appealing destination for investments in the gaming industry. The tax incentives offered by the government are just one of them. There are many other reasons why investors continue to support gaming development in London and the UK as a whole. Even Asian gaming companies have been investing in London gaming companies…

How would the UN leverage technologies for SDGs: Conversations among technology leaders in the UN System [BEYOND Virtual Panel recap]

This session brings together three current officials of the United Nations to discuss the ways that technologies can be harnessed to advance SDGs. Panelists representing the UN Secretariat, UNDP, and UNOPS share their insights on how technology and innovation can facilitate the accomplishment of the UN SDGs.

BEYOND Virtual talks about growing capital markets with Global Investors predictions, evolution of Family Offices & accelerating into a SPAC-tacular era … Going from online to offline Dec 2-4

This week, BEYOND Virtual continues with informative and engaging panels focusing on the new capital wave, family offices and SPACs. See the schedule below.

Startups Driving Inclusive Innovation in the Philippines [BEYOND Virtual Panel recap]

This Beyond Virtual session held on November 16 shows the exchange of ideas regarding the present and the future of the Philippine startup ecosystem. The panelists discuss the challenges companies have encountered and how they have overcome the difficulties.

Building Resilience: How Does Innovation Empower Malaysian Businesses to Boost the Economy? [BEYOND Virtual Panel]

The discussions in this panel focused on how Malaysian businesses are innovating and finding new ways not only to survive the pandemic but also to become more enduring as they continue to battle the coronavirus threat and anticipate other serious problems that can trample the Malaysian economy once more.

Building resilience: How does innovation empower Malaysian businesses to boost the economy? [BEYOND Virtual Panel]

Malaysia is expected to end 2021 with a 4.5 percent GDP growth even with the new COVID-19 surges in the country. Is this the proof of Malaysia’s resilience and success at innovating? How is Malaysia adjusting to the lingering effects of the pandemic? What is innovation’s role in the goal of boosting the country’s economy to weather the challenges of the new…

From startup to scale-up: A closer look at Thailand’s Soonicorns [BEYOND Virtual Panel]

This BEYOND Virtual Panel held on November 12, 2021, shows a sharing of updates and ideas concerning the state and progress of soonicorns in view of the current condition of Thailand’s economy. Will Thailand see its second unicorn soon? Or do startups really have to strive to reach that $1 billion capitalization milestone?

BEYOND Virtual: Innovation key to emerge stronger; gaming & esports taking front seat

This week, BEYOND Virtual continues with informative and engaging panels focusing on innovation, gaming, and esports.

The Future of Retail [BEYOND Virtual Panel]

Automated solutions are revolutionizing the retail sector. The panel looks at existing and future use cases in the coffee segment, including coffee robots, 5G cafes, and automated coffee corners. These are all aimed at increasing convenience for the customer while empowering baristas and nutritionists to focus on what they do best: create new recipes,…

BEYOND Virtual: Innovation & opportunities in Asia Pacific, discussions on technology for SDG within the United Nations & more

This week, BEYOND Virtual continues with informative and engaging panels focusing on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, smart retail, and insights into the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, and Pakistan.