BEYOND Tech Expo

The NFT Boom: The popularity behind Non-Fungible Tokens [BEYOND Virtual Panel]

Data ownership, censorship, control--these are challenges that NFTs have the opportunity of solving, thus shifting away from a “feudal” model of gaming wherein the platform owns the content.

Digital transformation will be the next theme of our new era [BEYOND Virtual Opening]

In the following weeks, BEYOND Virtual will offer 18 panels, featuring 40 distinguished speakers from around the world. The virtual panels will provide deep-dive discussions on trending and critical topics in the tech sector.

Global Investment Hotspots: The Next Blue Ocean [BEYOND Virtual Opening Panel]

In this panel titled Global Investment Hotspots: The Next Blue Ocean, we learn from esteemed venture capitalists as they share their insights and discuss the trends in capital flow, particularly industries and countries that are emerging as investment hotspots.

Terry Gou on Macau’s key role in connecting businesses amid the pandemic [BEYOND Virtual]

Technological innovations that drive world progress could also contribute to the sustainable development of the global economy, society, and environment. We are on the cusp of transformation. Innovation will bring huge opportunities to various industries.

UN’s Siddharth Chatterjee on importance of sustainability in business [BEYOND Virtual]

The SDGs are not simply a lofty ideal or the right thing to do, but a formidable instrument for companies, including state-owned and small and medium-sized enterprises looking to unlock new markers and the longevity of their operations.

Ping An’s Jessica Tan on new business opportunities in digitalization [BEYOND Virtual]

Digitalization is no longer just about e-commerce and buying of normal goods. Everything can be digitized, even professional services, such as the heavily-regulated services like healthcare. This is a new trend that anything can be made online and offline together.

Raymond Teh shares NVIDIA’s insights on AI, metaverse, and startups [BEYOND Virtual]

A substantial digital revolution is taking place all over the world. Innovation, agility, and market development are all accelerated by technological advancements. The digital transition will continue. Technology is evolving faster than ever.

Google’s Scott Beaumont on Asia’s advantages in technology adoption, carbon neutrality [BEYOND Virtual]

I think the future for the Asia region with technology is incredibly bright. Part of those demographics, part of that is the computer science capability, part of that is the natural positivity and entrepreneurship that I see around the region.

HSBC’s David Liao: Digital transformation no longer a choice, but a necessity for businesses [BEYOND Virtual]

Payments now are digital, on-demand, and real-time. By improving the way cash flows into the economy, we’re contributing to growth and prosperity. This is the future. And it’s now.

Dr. Song Xiao on how digitalization can transform economies [BEYOND Virtual]

Today, no country or organization can unlock the potential of digital transformation on its own. We have to work very closely and openly together. This will lead to an open ecosystem, where everyone brings something in, and everyone is able to take more out. Let’s join our hands to build an open innovation ecosystem that benefits all.