BEYOND Virtual event kicked off on Tuesday as a preview of the BEYOND EXPO Macao 2021 that will be held from December 2 to 4. In his keynote speech during Tuesday’s virtual event, Raymond Teh, Sales & Marketing Vice President at NVIDIA APAC, shares the US AI giant’s insights on a wide range of topics from Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing, metaverse, to startups.

Below is the full text of Teh’s speech at the BEYOND Virtual event. The text has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Raymond Teh, Sales & Marketing Vice President at NVIDIA APAC

Hello, I’m Raymond Teh. I’m responsible for NVIDIA’s business in the Asia Pacific region. It’s a pleasure to meet you at the Beyond Virtual conference and share with you some of NVIDIA’s insights.

So what’s next? A substantial digital revolution is taking place all over the world. Innovation, agility, and market development are all accelerated by technological advancements. The digital transition will continue. Technology is evolving faster than ever. Advanced technology will continue to change our lives and how we operate, opening up enormous opportunities for businesses worldwide. Many businesses have adopted disruptive technologies and modified their business models. Let me now share some of the exciting innovations at NVIDIA.

AI computing

NVIDIA’s purpose is to advance this form of computing, called accelerated computing. We are an accelerated computing platform company. AI is a watershed moment for the world. We are in the process of automating intelligence so that we can augment ours.

The thing that’s really cool is that AI is software that writes itself and it writes software that no humans can. These software-defined, hardware-accelerated stacks will take advantage of data processing units (DPUs) to accelerate networking, storage, security, and management applications. DPUs are an essential element of modern data centers. In this model, the data center is the new unit of computing in which central processing units (CPUs), graphics processing units (GPUs), and DPUs combine into a single computing unit that’s fully programmable, AI-enabled, and can deliver greater levels of security, performance, and efficiency.

NVIDIA hardware will enable the creation of high-performance 5G RAM and AI applications to manage emerging use cases like robotics manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, drones, and surveillance.

AI, and specifically deep learning, has become a vital tool for the production of next-generation automated vehicles, particularly because of the need to recognize and handle the nearly infinite number of scenarios encountered on the road. It is expected that the vehicles of tomorrow will be packed with more technology than any computing system today. NVIDIA’s mission is to stay rooted in developing this self-driving technology, known as NVIDIA Drive.

NVIDIA is a full-stack computing company. We love working on extremely hot computing problems that have a great impact on the world. NVIDIA is dedicated to advancing accelerated computing. Enabling developers’ success on our platform is core to everything we do.


Humans have been exploiting how we perceive the world for thousands of years. We have been hacking our senses to construct virtual realities through music, art, and literature for millennia, interactivity, and the ability to collaborate. Better screens, head-mounted displays like Oculus Quest, and mixed reality devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens, are all steps towards fuller immersion.

All these pieces will evolve, but the most important one is here already. A high fidelity simulation of our virtual world to feed the display. Omniverse is a shared virtual 3-dimensional world of worlds that are interactive, immersive, and collaborative. Just as the physical universe is the collection of worlds that are connected in space, the platform is not tied to any one app or any single place, digital or real.

And just as virtual places will be persistent, so will the objects and identities of those moving through them, allowing digital goods and identities to move from one virtual world to another, and even into our world, with augmented reality. Omniverse is in use across a growing number of industries for projects such as design collaboration and creating digital twins, simulations of real-world buildings, and factories.


Building an innovation network to support the accelerated growth of startups is a continuous initiative at NVIDIA. A great resource for startups is NVIDIA Inception.

Inception is an accelerated platform for startups. We leverage NVIDIA technologies, resources, and innovation networks to support startups at various stages of their journey.

Today, over 8,500 Inception startups are growing, of which China is a strong representation, ranked second in the world, and first in non-English speaking countries with over 1,000 startups, 35+ industries, and more than 40 cities.

Our focus is on supporting a global community of innovators to deliver tremendous innovation for the next decades. Join NVIDIA inception and meet our Inception members in BEYOND.

These are just some of the innovations from NVIDIA’s lenses, looking into what’s next in AI. I would like to thank BEYOND for the invitation to speak and the opportunity to present NVIDIA’s thoughts and glad to be here to join this wonderful event.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day and wish the event great success.

Thank you.

BEYOND Virtual kicks off on November 9th with ‘What’s Next?’ from global industry leaders & investors