Japan, ASEAN to integrate QR code payments by 2025 – report

Five ASEAN member countries, namely Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines, signed a memorandum of understanding on payment integration between the countries in 2022 and began interaction in several areas.

Lenovo Study: 94 percent of ASEAN+ CIOs deem AI critical for business in 2024; only 11 percent invest in GenAI

94 percent of ASEAN+ Chief Investment Officers deem artificial intelligence (AI) critical for business in 2024, but only 11 percent invest in generative AI (GenAI), Lenovo study showed Tuesday.

Softbank-backed Carro expands into Hong Kong with Beyond Cars acquisition

Carro, Southeast Asia's largest online used car platform, has on Thursday announced its acquisition of Beyond Cars, one of the leading used car platforms in Hong Kong. With Hong Kong under its belt, the firm is now present in a total of seven markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan.

Fintech penetration in Southeast Asia will double by 2027, says UnaFinancial

UnaFinancial said Wednesday that the number of fintech companies per one million people in Southeast Asia may double by 2027, reaching 100. This is supported by the growing super-platform economy, conducive regulatory frameworks and favorable economic conditions.

Fast-fashion firm Shein considers London IPO – report

Shein is said to be in the early stages of exploring the London option as the company has judged it unlikely that the US Securities and Exchange Commission will approve its IPO, the report added.

Grab reports first quarterly profit; to buy back shares

Southeast Asia superapp Grab Holdings Limited has posted a profit of $11 million in the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2023, compared to a net loss of $391 million in the prior year period. The achievement was primarily due to the improvement in group adjusted EBITDA, fair value changes in investments, and lowered share-based compensation expenses.

Navigating the digital wave: opportunities & growth explored in EBANX’s Beyond Borders 2024 report

For global companies, rising economies represent an enormous growth opportunity, especially for digital businesses. Digital industries across the world have reached a plateau, with high levels of competition and user penetration.

Delivery Hero ends talks on potential sale of selected SEA foodpanda business

Delivery Hero SE, Germay-based local delivery platform, has on Wednesday announced that it has terminated discussions with the main negotiating counterpart regarding a potential sale of its foodpanda business in selected Southeast Asian markets covering Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

Thailand approves incentives for companies transitioning to electric trucks & buses – report

By 2030, Thailand aims to convert 30 percent of its annual production of 2.5 million vehicles into EVs, according to a government plan.

Singapore’s Carousell Co-Founder Lucas Ngoo to step down

Ngoo said he will continue to have full vested interests in the success of Carousell as a co-founder, board director and shareholder, and have full confidence in our business and leadership team.