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Insignia AI Notes #7: AI In healthcare

The transformation of #healthcare through #AI and #ML is both profound and multifaceted. From predictive analytics to drug discovery, AI is enhancing diagnostics, enabling personalized medicine, and transforming patient care. While challenges such as regulation, data privacy, and ethical concerns remain, the collaboration between professionals across fields…

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Insignia AI Notes #6: Generative AI isn’t just speeding up productivity, but also AI regulation

The swift pace of regulation in the field of #GenerativeAI, especially compared to previous technological evolutions, signals a changing landscape. #ASEAN’s unique environment, laws, and cultural attributes offer a fertile ground for the growth and governance of this exciting technological frontier. The balancing act between fostering innovation and…

Proptech 2.0 in the Philippines: An untapped opportunity in 3 numbers

Is the Philippine #RealEstate market now ripe for the next wave of proptech to emerge? We share five numbers that provide some clues to where the innovation compass is pointed in the #Philippines #proptech space.

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How to be a value-adding investor: A case study of Kenangan Brands

With international expansion no longer feasible, Kopi Kenangan started to look for other solutions to increase basket size and average order value, as well as maintain a steady flow of revenue as the world shut down. B Capital’s Strategy & Operations team stepped in to think creatively and move quickly.

Tesla’s entry into Malaysia could lead to structural change in local automotive industry but lack of charging hubs remains a challenge

Electric vehicle maker Tesla’s entry into Malaysia not only impacts the EV space but also encroaches into the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle market. Having enough charging points is still the first step for the adoption of EV in Malaysia.

Grab could achieve adjusted EBITDA breakeven in 3Q following layoff exercise, say CGS-CIMB analysts

“Layoff exercise in June leads us to believe Grab can achieve adjusted EBITDA breakeven in 3Q23F (forecast), one quarter ahead of guidance,” CGS-CIMB analysts Ong Khang Chuen and Kenneth Tan wrote in a research note on Thursday.

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Investing in data and software will move the needle on climate change

Responding to #climatechange will involve humanity making considerable changes to almost every industry. This includes transitioning some sectors (like energy) and creating entirely new ones (like #carbon tracking and removal). Daring entrepreneurs are building the physical and digital infrastructure underpinning these gargantuan changes to allow humanity…

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Netskope’s Colin Estep on managing cybersecurity risks amid “Great Resignation” [Q&A]

"Departing employees are not the only ones posing a risk. Virtually any employee can exfiltrate #data, whether inadvertently or on purpose. It would be a mistake for organizations to focus their attention on specific cohorts of employees, ignoring the broader risk of easy data exfiltration over ubiquitous cloud-based services. Our research showed most of…

Is ChatGPT ready for the world? AI experts discuss loopholes and potential solutions

The goal of AI-driven technology is to improve and enhance human life rather than replace humans. The panel encouraged the audience not to worry but instead to learn how to wisely delegate tasks to AI.

Debunking 5 common misconceptions about product-market fit

To better understand this vital aspect of company building, we debunk some common misconceptions about PMF, explore its importance for long-term growth, and examine real-world examples from Southeast Asia.