VinFuture Prize

[Live from Hanoi, Vietnam] The 2023 VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony – Celebrating “Boundless Unity” Innovations for Humanity

The 2023 VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony is officially poised to take place at 8:00 PM on December 20th, 2023, at the Ho Guom Opera House in #Hanoi. This solemn ceremony will be attended by top leaders of the #Vietnam government and distinguished international scientists who are laureates of world-renowned science and technology prizes such as the Nobel…

Professor Pisano: VinFuture Prize “bringing great attention and credit to Vietnam” [Q&A]

The VinFuture Prize, now in its third season, has seen a remarkable surge in nominations, totaling over 1300, nearly triple the inaugural year. Professor Albert P. Pisano, Co-chair of the Pre-Screening Committee, and an esteemed member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, applauds the prize's nature, which is the pursuit of science and technology…

The 2021 VinFuture grand prize laureates receive Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2023

Before the #NobelPrize awarded Dr. Kariko and Prof. Weissman, the 2021 #VinFuturePrize was one of the first few global sci-tech awards to honor the work of Dr. Kariko and Prof. Weissman. Furthermore, the VinFuture Prize evaluates work at a broader scale, including many related discoveries to create comprehensive impacts.

2023 VinFuture InnovaTalk series: applying new technologies to increase agriculture production while reducing post-harvest losses

The VinFuture Foundation's launch of the 2023 InnovaTalk series on agriculture has highlighted the potential for new technologies to revolutionize the industry.

The science journey of VinFuture Grand Prize 2022 winners: From the bitterness of failures to the sweetness of commissions

“As we’re set out to find new, unexpected things, failure is inevitable. You must fail early so you can grow”, Prof. David Neil Payne - said one of five winners of VinFuture Grand Prize 2022.

Chair of the VinFuture Prize Council: VinFuture Prize 2022 will “reshape” the post-pandemic world [Q&A]

“VinFuture honored the researchers behind global network technology not only because of what this amazing invention has given humanity in the present, but also because of the enormous potential that it has in changing the future of the post-pandemic world,” explained Professor Sir Richard Henry Friend, Chair of the VinFuture Prize Council on why global…

Winners of the second ever VinFuture Prize Awards unveiled

Far exceeding the Prize Council’s expectations on the quantity, quality, applicability, and practical impacts of nominations, the second season of the VinFuture Prize and the VinFuture Award Ceremony 2022, specifically, have helped affirm Vietnam’s position and scientific reputation in the eyes of the global scientific community.

VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony 2022 [Livestream]

The main event of the VinFuture Sci-Tech Week is the 2022 VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony – Reviving and Reshaping – held on the evening of December 20, 2022, at the Hanoi Opera House to honor the VinFuture laureates.

Chair of the VinFuture Prize Council: Everyone will be surprised and convinced by the second season’s winning innovations

As the second season of VinFuture Prize's Award Ceremony draws closer, Prof. Sir Richard Henry Friend -- Chair of the VinFuture Prize Council -- revealed for the first time the most outstanding works that will be honored and shared about the international influence of the Vietnamese-initiated global science and technology award.

VinFuture Prize officially announces commencement of the Pre-Screening Round

The 2022 VinFuture Pre-Screening round takes place from May 18th to late September, 2022 and aims to enable the Council to meticulously evaluate the most impactful and award-worthy works to proceed to the final round.