Red Door Digital

Play and Own will overtake Play to Earn in 2023

The answer is prioritizing fun, entertaining gameplay. It’s that simple, although it’s easier said than done. Landmark games like Axie Infinity have forged ahead as early innovators for the next era of gaming. But now the real work starts on how to build Web3 gaming into an industry with staying power.

Taking traditional gaming to the Metaverse, an interview with Red Door Digital’s Joseph Derflinger [Q&A]

Founded in 2021, Red Door Digital aims to take the ultra traditional gaming experience to the metaverse. The company is a global-to-local Web 3.0-ready game studio and publisher making award-winning AAA-quality GameFi titles a reality. The team is composed of world-class game designers and developers that not only worked on, but spearheaded the launch of…

Red Door Digital lists Reign of Terror NFTs on Fractal Marketplace

Red Door Digital, the Web 3.0-ready game studio and publisher, today announced it will be launching NFTs for its in-house developed Web3 game Reign of Terror via Fractal, the online NFT marketplace for Solana-based game assets. Founded by Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan and Google Drive co-founder David Wurtz, Fractal shares Red Door Digital’s mission to…